People are going crazy for this viral sex toy video review and we can see why

'Do with this information what y'all will'

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Twitter, the fountain of all knowledge, never seems to disappoint. A Lovense Nora video explainer has just gone viral, and platform users can't quite get over the sex toy's prowess. 

User @DreamMalkia decided to provide a short and humorous tutorial about the device, one of our best app-controlled vibrators. She explained how it works when it is synced up with its counterpart, the male masturbator Max 2. 

"The faster I go, the faster Nora goes," said while shaking the Max 2. "So they pretty much just stimulate each other. So imagine your partner like way overseas and you're doing this."

Over one million views, 38,000 likes, and 8,200 retweets later, we have a sexy viral explainer on our hands, and no one seems to be complaining. 

"Do with this information what y'all will," she said. 

It's no surprise that Twitter users have responded positively to the racy how-to. Our Lovesense Nora review vouches that the toy is capable of "mind-blowing" results thanks to a G-spot stimulating spinning head, its flexible vibrating arm, and waterproof material (practicality at its finest). Some are even reconsidering long-distance relationships as a result, while another user said: "About to take phone sex to another level."

If you're browsing around for the best app-controlled vibrators, Nora is but one of many satisfying selections: the We-Vibe wand is the perfect powerful clitoral stimulator (though be warned—it's loud) while the Vibease Esthesia syncs up with erotic audiobooks for a fun sexual romp. (Did your ears perk up at this one, Bridgerton fans?) Plus, you'll want to take a peek at the Ella Paradis spring sale, where you can snag a huge deal on vibrators. (No pun intended—we're not one to refuse a good sale.) 

Certainly sounds like a sexy evening is in the near future. Enjoy all of those steamy festivities... 

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