Wearing a bikini top upside down is the latest trend - here's how and why you should try it

The Kardashians are wearing their bikinis upside down as it becomes the latest swimwear trend of the year

Wearing bikini top upside down, Red spotty bikini hanging on clothes line
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Wearing a bikini upside down has suddenly got cool. 

Let's be honest, the last time you saw a bikini top upside down was probably when it was hanging on the clothesline in what feels like a million months ago since we ditched the best comfy loungewear and had a summer holiday.

Remember when you scrambled to hit the beach and nab that last sun lounger while trying to finish untangling your two-piece only to discover later that you'd got it on the wrong way around and you wondered why the guy at the pool bar couldn't stop staring.

Well, now you don't need to die from embarrassment but instead embrace it as there is a new way of giving your bikini, no matter how old it is, a new lease of life, and that's by wearing it upside down. Yes, you heard right.

We don't mean doing a handstand in your swimwear - instead, turn the bikini upside down when you wear it. It might sound a bit weird but we can assure you there is some logic to it...

Kylie Jenner posted snaps on Instagram of her wearing an electric blue strappy bikini in a clip promoting her suncream. 

At first, you can see the high-cut style has cute ruching details on the top and briefs giving extra shape as well as a touch of glamour with its retro-feel gold body chain. 

But if you look more closely, the top is actually being worn upside down as the ruching is located at the top rather than the bottom of the triangle.

But she's not the only one catching on to the trend. Kylie appears to be following suit of her sister Kourtney who was spotted wearing the 'upside-down top' trend with her bright red bikini set which she shared on Instagram with the caption "a little fun in the sun".

Instead, here Kourtney has crossed the straps once more before tying at the back of her neck, creating an added twist on the halterneck style.

So, what's all the fuss about? Well, turning your bikini upside down can be a great way of tanning your underboob without having to go topless in the sun as more of the skin is on show.

There's nothing worse than having that awful triangle shape lighter skin tone from where we've failed to catch the sun's rays - by flipping your bikini you might end up with a star shape instead! After all, two triangles laid alternative ways to make the signature six-pointed star shape is much more creative.

But there are no hard fast rules as to how you wear them, simply experiment with tying the straps whichever way round works best for you. 

From boob enhancing, to perfect for tanning, you can make the most of your bikini collection without having to buy loads more - which is perfect if you've found the print you want to be able to wear over and over again.

And how about moving the straps into a position that enables you to wear that halterneck top without having the extra arm straps. If you've ever wondered why bikinis come with so many ties, now you know - it's not to get you in a twist but to help shake up your style.

Now you can make it look like three different bikinis in one without the added cost.

If you're not as experimentative when it comes to copying the trend, you could always beck out Sommer Swim which is the brand behind the Kardashians' bikinis as the 'Xena' style, with are available in a range of colors and print. 

The Xena is described as "a halter bikini top with wrap-around feature and adjustable neck-tie that can be worn in various different ways."

It might just give you that extra confidence to give it a go yourself if you learn the ropes on one of their specially designed bikinis first - especially if you want to avoid accidentally flashing a boob.

Just be sure to double knot the straps as an extra safety measure!

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