What does 'side eye' mean? TikTok's latest trend explained

We might need a TikTok dictionary soon...

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What does 'side eye' mean? TikTok's vernacular is constantly growing, and you might need to start taking notes.

Earlier this year, we were gifted with the infamous mascara trend on TikTok, which has absolutely nothing to do with makeup. Then we tried to manifest positivity with the Lucky Girl Syndrome. And yes, we had a vision-focused trend (a.k.a. the Triangle Method) to help up our flittering game. Now, we're reverting back to the power of the side eye in all of its glory. 

Have you seen this signature stare on your FYP or a "side eye" lurking in your comments section? Allow us to get you up-to-speed on its meaning, in TikTok terms. But believe it or not, there are actually no hidden messages here...

What does 'side eye' mean on TikTok?

'Side eye' on TikTok means you're suspicious of something. If we take a romantic look at the trend, we tend to give 'side eye' when we're questioning someone's motives. Take for example someone showing off their white nail polish on TikTok—a sign that they're single—but they're later spotted with a S.O. That would be cause for some serious 'side eye'. 


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Lastly, it can also mean you're over something. This is when it's likely to pop up in the comments section—sort of like an eye-roll situation.

A few things on the app that don't cause the need for side eye would include the new shy girl workout trend, which helps fitness-buffs-in-training keep a low profile while at the gym. (Very much appreciated.) We are also particularly loving the Balletcore aesthetic people are embracing at home and in their wardrobes. 

There are plenty of things on the video-sharing app worthy of side eye, but stick with us and we'll lead you to the goods (like TikTok's beloved Therabody TheraFace Pro). No need to thank us—we're like an FYP cleanser. 

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