The superfood smoothie kit that's helping one editor keep her New Year's resolutions

This may be the easiest way to stay healthy this year

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Like pretty much everybody else on the planet, we always kick our new year off with lofty lifestyle goals: We're going to decrease our screen time, load up on the best vitamin C serums  to get the glowiest skin of our life, write an entire book and find the cure for a terminal disease, all by the end of January. Needless to say, our resolutions don't always make it to February.

This year, however, I tasked myself with what I think is a pretty doable resolution: Have a better breakfast each day. Usually, my morning meal is a deli coffee and muffin scarfed down on the subway or in the back of an Uber—the picture of health and wellness, it is not. But since January 1st, I've actually been successful in my goal to start off the day with a balanced, better-for-you breakfast that gives me much-needed morning energy and also will ensure I don't wind up with scurvy.

Enter: Everipe. The smoothie brand offers ready-to-blend pantry packets of freeze-dried fruits, nuts, seeds and other superfood ingredients. All you do is add water and ice, and pulse it in your fancy new blender (thanks mom!) for 60 seconds total. That's literally it. It couldn't be easier even if we wanted it to be. 

The single-use packets—which are available in very yummy flavors like Tropical Zing (pineapple, mango, apple, turmeric, ginger) and Cocoa Mojo (cocoa powder, bananas, mulberries, ground almonds, chia seeds)—are entirely plant-based, dairy-free, and gluten-free, so they work with a bunch of dietary needs.

And if you're concerned that freeze drying pulls out necessary nutrients from the produce, don't fret: It's a 100-percent natural process that uses no chemicals, preservatives or added sugars, while retaining both the nutritional value and the fresh taste of each ingredient. Best of all, having a pantry-safe supply of produce in your cupboard means that you won't have those dreaded forgotten fruits rolling around the back of your refrigerator.

So cheers to a new, healthier year—and to our resolutions making it past month one!

Christina Izzo

Christina Izzo is the Deputy Editor of My Imperfect Life. 

More generally, she is a writer-editor covering food and drink, travel, lifestyle and culture in New York City. She was previously the Features Editor at Rachael Ray In Season and Reveal, as well as the Food & Drink Editor and chief restaurant critic at Time Out New York

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