A big secret rocks Aaliyah and Lydia's friendship in 'Love Is Blind' season 5, and you'll be floored

Aaliyah tells My Imperfect Life about where she and her pod-squad BFF stand now

Aaliyah and Lydia from Love is Blind season 5
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We enter the pods to watch others find love. Some, like Aaliyah and Lydia, find friendship along the way. After the mean-girl energy from season 4 of the Netflix series (lookin' at you, Irina and Micah), these instant BFFs were a welcome relief. 

Throughout the turbulence of Love Is Blind season 5, the two continually turn to one another when they need reassurance or a confidence boost. Viewers might even take comfort in knowing that if the ladies don't walk away with a fiancé, they'll at least have each other. When Izzy decides to break things off with Lydia, she turns to Aaliyah. When Uche is upset to hear that Aaliyah has been unfaithful once before, she cries in Lydia's arms. 

The two were practically like sisters. What, if anything, could tear them apart? Here's everything that went down between the friends. 

*Warning: spoilers for the first four episodes of season 5 below*

What happened between Aaliyah and Lydia from 'Love is Blind' season 5?

The situation became a little sticky when Aaliyah learned that Uche, her potential fiancé, had once dated Lydia outside of the pods. Was Uche and Lydia's romance truly squashed? If things were truly over between the two, why did Lydia feel the need to needle Aaliyah about their past and give details her friend didn't want to hear? 

After an argument erupted between the two—one that we unfortunately don't see play out on screens—Aaliyah leaves Love Is Blind early and Lydia moves on with her connection, Milton, creating one of the new Love Is Blind season 5 couples. Needless to say, it was a heartbreak we didn't see coming. 

"Friendships, they're probably one of your closest types of relationships in life. It's important to be very honest and open," Aaliyah tells us. "It's okay to be imperfect, but to maintain certain boundaries and respect other's boundaries, you do have to be considerate and be able to step outside yourself."

It can't be easy to all encounter the same men in the pods (well, from behind a wall, anyway) and not let other connections get inside your head. It's practically impossible.

"It's difficult, you know. You're dating the same men. You're forming connections with the same friend, you're forming connections with one another through this, so it's really hard to kind of like navigate all of that," she adds. 

But the shock of learning that your supposed best friend is keeping a major secret from you can't feel good either. Despite the issues between the two, Aaliyah says everyone has moved on in a positive direction. 

"It's been a while since I've talked to her one-on-one, but I think we both know that we have a mutual respect for one another," she says. "I think we both want each other to be happy and in a good place. I know for sure I'm at peace over where things are and the decisions that I've made. And I don't have any regrets about how I handled things."

Love Is Blind season 5 premieres on Netflix on Friday, September 22 with episodes 1-4. The show drops episodes weekly on Fridays until October 13.

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