Are Irina and Micah still friends? Catch up with the two in ‘After the Altar’

Did Irina and Micah get their friendship back on track after ‘Love Is Blind’? Here's where things stand with the catty duo

Shelby, Irina and Micah outside chatting in love is blind after the altar season 4
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If you've ventured to the pods, you've likely wondered, "Are Irina and Micah still friends?"

It's a fair question, given that the Love Is Blind season 4 cast members started off thick as thieves...until Irina Solomonova decided to get a little handsy with Micah Lussier's fiancé, Paul Peden. But let's backtrack a bit. 

The fourth installment of the Netflix hit began with a helping of drama on Friday, March 24, but not the romantic kind. When the Seattle singles ventured to the dating quarters, Irina and Micah quickly earned a mean-girl reputation amongst their peers and viewers. They laughed at other women's expenses and selfishly handled their own romantic pursuits. Needless to say, they became the perfect material for Love Is Blind season 4 memes

Perhaps one of the most shocking moments of the season came when Irina and Zack Goytowski met upon their engagement and she immediately belittled him, particularly during their cringe-worthy honeymoon. 

"You got the worst part [of me]," Irina admitted to Zack while in Mexico. "I'm literally treating you so poorly. Like, I know it. I won't even look at you, touch you. You talk to me and I literally look away."

What's more is that Irina took quite a liking to Paul during the group honeymoon, though he had already paired up with her "best friend" from the pods. That didn't stop Irina from making a few flirty gestures, something that Paul brought up to Micah. 

So, at the end of the day, where do 2023's two notorious reality TV stars stand now? Are Irina and Micah able to rekindle the close-knit spirit they had during the dating phase of the show? Here's what we know. 

Are Irina and Micah still friends after 'Love Is Blind'?

Irina and Micah are reportedly moving in a positive direction following their controversial Love Is Blind appearances. Though the two had met for a rather uncomfortable sit-down in Seattle to discuss the issue, it appears that now they want to proceed after the lil' mishap. 

"Flirting with Paul in the pool, that was not who I am. That's not my character. I had too much alcohol and, yes, Paul was someone that I felt in energy with, but it was something I never wanted to pursue," Irina assured Entertainment Weekly

And Micah, who has a self-described "open heart with girlfriends," has found it in her heart to look past the mistake and carry on a friendship with Irina. 

"I think she made a mistake. I think she owned up to her mistake and I think that's all you can really ask for," Micah told the outlet. "I think we've both grown a lot together and hopefully we'll continue to grow a lot in the future."

Well, we're glad that they managed to look past this somewhat inconvenient predicament, but honestly, given the way everything has unfolded this season, these two have plenty more to worry about than their friendship. But that's just our two cents!

What happened with Irina and Micah in ‘After the Altar’?

We’re preparing to catch up with Love Is Blind season 4 couples when After the Altar hits Netflix on Friday, September 1. However, this post-wedding catch-up managed to include everyone from the pods, including Irina and Micah…and even Micah’s BFF Shelby, who wasn’t even a contestant on the show. 

The three musketeers, who were called out for their bad behavior, are still close to one another, as they’re seen getting together at a farmer’s market in After the Altar, a moment where Micah seems to be rethinking ending her relationship with Paul. Even when the group comes together for a flag football game, Micah and Irina are there to join the fun. 

Even though the two were able to move forward with their friendships, they had a lot to make right; Irina caught up with Amber, who was at the brunt of her joke when Paul broke up with her in favor of Micah, to apologize. Meanwhile, Micah and Paul made peace (sort of) with one another and decided to go in separate directions. 

 Love Is Blind season 4 is currently streaming on Netflix. Love Is Blind: After the Altar season 4 begins streaming on Netflix on Friday, September 1.

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