Who is Alicia Crowder and where have you seen the 'Tell Me Lies' actor before?

Allow us to give you the scoop on 'Diana'

alicia crowder as diana in tell me lies on hulu
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It's complicated between Stephen and Lucy, but Diana (Alicia Crowder) only makes their dynamic more puzzling. 

In Tell Me Lies, the two (well, three) are involved in a toxic situation that seems inescapable. Once Carola Lovering's debut novel received the Hulu treatment, the story has expanded into a deeper dive of those in Stephen and Lucy's orbit. Enter Diana, the character Deadline describes as "confident," "poised" and having an "Audrey Hepburn air." She's also the one Stephen is pursuing at the same time as Lucy. Need we say more?

"The show also spends more time with supporting characters and explores their backstories, whereas in the book it was mainly a deep dive into Lucy and Stephen's psychologies through their alternating points of view," Lovering previously told My Imperfect Life. "Meaghan Oppenheimer did an incredible job keeping the core story and themes of the book there on the screen, but she expanded a few different storylines to make it all more cinematic."

We're getting to know Diana well in the new series, but where have we seen Alicia Crowder before?

stephen (jackson james white) and diana (alicia crowder) in tell me lies on hulu

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Who is Alicia Crowder?

The Julliard alumna made a name for herself in the drama division, having participated in productions such as King Lear, Trojan Woman and House of Joy. Once her educational pursuits wrapped up, Crowder took on the role as Erika in Netflix's 2019's sci-fa drama, The Society. Additionally, she played  Jenny in 2019's Instinct and Maya in Amy Stiller's Bleecker, which has just been completed.  

Now, she's uncomfortably stuck in between Grace Van Patten (Lucy) and Jackson James White (Stephen) in Tell Me Lies. Though the situation is not simple, Crowder describes her character to Screen Rant as someone who's determined and always looking to help, particularly Stephen, who faced plenty of demons. 

Though the subject material does get dark—and even Lovering has warned her viewers and readers against a love like Stephen and Lucy's—Crowder is simply thrilled to be part of the exciting new project. 

"There were some days on set where it goes really long, and you know, people are tired, but I think that everyone had a really good attitude," she further revealed to Screen Rant. "Even on the days that were difficult, we made through together and just hunkered down and put our heads down and worked hard."

Judging from her candid snaps on Instagram, Crowder loves having played the controversial upperclassman in Tell Me Lies

Not much is revealed about her personal life, but we have a feeling now that she's caught everyone's attention, we certainly haven't heard the last of the budding actor. We're keeping our eyes peeled for her next big role, so stay tuned!

Catch Tell Me Lies streaming on Hulu. 

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