Aquarius season 2022: it's the perfect time to reconnect with those you love

'Aquarius rules greater community and friendship, so it's really concerned with social connection,' says astrologer Liz Simmons

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Aquarius season 2022 is upon us, and we're anxious to embrace the best qualities of the beloved air sign. 

As we ride the wave of the first Mercury retrograde of the year and gear up for Mars' movement into Venus and Capricorn, we'll be encouraged to reconnect with those in our circle and expand our relationships, both platonic and romantic. 

"Aquarius rules greater community and friendship, so it's really concerned with social connection," astrologer Liz Simmons (opens in new tab) says. "This is a really great season to get in touch with your friends far and few between." 

After such a tumultuous time, this is the refresher we're all looking for. Curious what else to be mindful of during Aquarius season? We've got your back. 

When is Aquarius season 2022?

Mark your calendars: Aquarius season 2022 runs from January 19 to February 18. 

During this time, Jupiter will be in Pisces, while Venus retrograde and Mercury retrograde will come to a close. This all takes place days before Pluto's return in the US, one of the most anticipated astrology events in 2022.  



Aquarius season and love

Cutting right into Valentine's Day, Aquarius season does, of course, affect matters of the heart, and it's refreshing. You'll particularly want to make note of the astrological happenings on February 16. 

"I feel like the biggest transit to watch out for is when Mars conjuncts Venus and Capricorn," Simmons says. "So when you have the lover planet meeting up, it's this huge energetic shift towards connection and romance, but the Capricorn ideals of power and longevity. Because it's right after Valentine's Day, people may be putting their partner on a different pedestal or they may be looking at love differently."

You're going to want to be mindful of the future during this time, so look towards making a commitment that works well for you and your ideals.

Aquarius season 2022: tips to know

Since this season does collide with Mercury's chaos, expect matters of tech and communication to be a bit fuzzy—but it's nothing you can't handle. 

"Because Aquarius rules technology and because we start the season in Mercury retrograde, secure everything you have online," Simmons warns. "Change your passwords, update your privacy settings and really watch the way you're presenting yourself online and put your best foot forward."

What else to expect during Aquarius season 2022

Techies will be pleased to know that cool developments might be underway, but they can also go a bit haywire if Mercury interferes a bit too much. 

"The biggest thing to look out for in Aquarius season is technological advances," Simmons says. 'We might see some really cool stuff come out on apps or a new gadget. We can also see some pretty widely broadcasted mistakes."

(Don't let any of those mistakes be yours: check out the tips and goodies to stock up on to ease those Mercury retrograde effects.) 

We wish you a stellar Aquarius season, dear readers. Cheers to connecting with those you love most!

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