When does Pisces season end? Wave goodbye to this dreamy time

Creativity, compassion and fortune abound, but when does Pisces season end? Here's when to mark your calendars

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When does Pisces season end? Now that the compassionate water sign has blessed us with kindness, good fortune and a dose of fantasy, it's time to look ahead—but not without a grand finale. 

See what the luckiest zodiac sign of 2022 has in store before Aries season gets ready to shine. Let's make like the fish and dive in. 

When does Pisces season end? And what does Aries season start?

Aquarius season was kind to us, especially considering its emphasis on connection, but what we particularly loved about Pisces season, which ran from February 18 to March 20, 2022, was its tenderness and attention to creativity. 

Now, Aries season will swoop in from March 20 to April 19. The remnants of Pisces season will make things seem hopeful during this time of change. 

The grand finale of Pisces season

Before we bid adieu to the fish, we'll encounter a full moon on March 18, which is the perfect time to clear out things that are no longer serving us. 

Aries season, which follows the celestial event two days later, is also the beginning of a new astrological year, so in a sense, it's like New Year's all over again. It's time to think about what you really want and plant those seeds of intention. Get movin', folks!

What's more, March 20 is also the spring equinox, a literal and figurative breath of fresh air that we all need! It's clear that Pisces could not part ways with us without some sort of significant transit.

What else happened during Pisces season 2022?

The sun, Neptune and Jupiter, a rare trio, were all in Pisces and allowed us to become immersed in our innermost thoughts. 

"You can get lost in those daydreams, but you can also use it to bring those manifestations to life as well. It can be a really great sign and season to picture what could be," noted astrologer Liz Simmons (opens in new tab)

Thanks to Neptune's influence, this was also an excellent time to turn those dreams into a tangible reality, like a new project, for example. Try to harness those feelings of determination going forward. 

Pisces season—and beyond—tips:

Although we can't resist a lighthearted feeling, Pisces season forces us to examine things positively but realistically.

"The best way to approach [it] is to have a good sense of boundaries," Simmons said. "Embrace the excitement of the imagination and mysticism, but also have some sort of guidelines, that way you don't get lost."

Simmons continued: "It's the rose-colored glasses coming into effect in Pisces season. It could be hyped up as a really fortuitous time for Pisces placements, but it can also be a very elusive time as well."

Do have a look at our other astrology events in 2022 that have piqued our interest. Sure, one of the most anticipated times throughout the astrological year is behind us, but there is plenty more ahead!

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