Astrology compatibility: what signs work well together in love, friendship and business

We're always curious about astrology compatibility. Our cosmic pro breaks it all down for you and how it'll affect different areas of your life

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Regardless of circumstances, we're always wondering about astrology compatibility and how fate will play out when it comes to our friendships, relationships, and more. 

It's not uncommon to turn to the cosmos for a sneak peek into a new job or budding romance. (Astrology is the trendiest way to stay ahead of the curve, after all.) 

But many become overly captivated by the zodiac and want to stay within their perceived comfort zones: "I can only date fire signs." "I work horribly with water signs." "Bonding with air signs is always difficult for me." 

Before jumping to any conclusions about zodiac friends and foes, take a step back. We'll tell you how to feel in sync with your relationships, friendships and business partnerships.

Astrology compatibility—what you need to know

First thing's first, astrologer Liz Simmons of The Crone provides us with a guide to astrology aspects. If you were enrolled in Cosmos 101, you'll want to know how your sign works well with others. These aspects detail the possible outcomes: 

  • Conjunct/conjunction (0 degrees): same sign relationship, such as an Aries with Aries
  • Opposite/opposition (180 degrees): true opposites in the Zodiac 
    • Aries-Libra 
    • Capricorn-Cancer
    • Taurus-Scorpio
    • Gemini-Sagittarius
    • Leo-Aquarius
    • Virgo-Pisces
  • Trine (120 degrees): signs that share the same element 
    • Fire is Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
    • Water is Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces
    • Air is Libra, Aquarius and Gemini 
    • Earth is Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo
  • Square (90 degrees): shares the same modality (cardinal, fixed, mutable) but not the same element
    • Aries/Libra squares Cancer and Capricorn
    • Taurus/Scorpio squares Aquarius and Leo 
    • Virgo/Pisces squares Gemini and Sagittarius
  • Sextile (60 degrees): complementary elements (fire-air, water-earth) that do not include opposing signs
    • Aries sextiles Gemini and Aquarius 
    • Libra sextiles Leo and Sagittarius
    • Taurus sextiles Cancer and Pisces 
    • Scorpio sextiles Capricorn and Virgo

Astrology compatibility in love, friendship and careers

Now that you're privy to who's a match and who's likely to butt heads, you're probably wondering how each of your relationships will be affected. Here's what to know. 

1. Love

Conjunct signs are like a double-edged sword: they're great because you'll intrinsically understand your partner, but that also means you're likely to become fed up with their flaws...which happen to be quite similar to your own. 

A square aspect, however, is always a thumbs up, according to Simmons. 

"[It's] considered a great thing for a romantic relationship—or any relationship—because you have so much to learn from that person through compromising, which I think is such a huge tool to master," she says. 

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2. Friendship

If you and your bestie are like two peas in a pod, there's a good chance you have plenty of similarities in your chart. 

"You're most likely going to find friends who share the same element as you," Simmons says. "There's a natural ease of that relationship. You may be a little bit different in the expression of that element, but they can still complement one another."

Although she believes Trine aspects fare well for BFFs, it's not the be-all, end-all.

"Sextile aspects look at two complementary elements that are different but still work together because they coax the best out of one another," she adds. 

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3. Careers

When all is amicable in the office (or Zoom conference), it's possible that sextile aspects are at work. 

"From personal experience that I love sextile for coworker relationships, so two complementary elements just because they may agree on some things, but what they don't agree on, they can at least find something to appreciate," Simmons says. 

But be forewarned: one aspect might be tricker than others.

"Square aspects may be the hardest to work with, just because you're going to come into the issue of 'who's the boss' with signs that square each other," she adds. 

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The bottom line of astrology compatibility?

No pairing is off-limits, as long as you're open to it. 

"Anything can work," says Simmons. "If you're not willing to work with a sign, then maybe you have to figure out why. That probably says more about you and the shadow aspects of your own zodiac sign more so than theirs."

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