The best astrology gifts for the Zodiac fan in your life

In our selection of the best astrology gifts—from homeware to clothing—you'll find something every spiritually-connected sign will appreciate

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Thanks to the popularity of Zodiac-themed products, finding cute astrology gifts has never been easier; whether you're after homeware, fashion, or meaningful jewlery, there's something on offer for every astrologically-minded person!

After all, we all have that one friend who checks their weekly horoscope without fail, knows the exact dates of Mercury Retrograde. So, when a special occasion such as Christmas comes round, (or their birthday) an astrology-themed gift is always bound to go down well. But there's a fine line between classy and tacky when it comes to astrology-inspired products—you want something cute, fun and significant, but not something that looks like you just randomly picked it up at the local dollar store, whilst in the queue to pay for something else.

If you're struggling to find something that is suitably thoughtful for your astrology-obsessed loved one this festive season, that's where we come in: we've rounded up some of the best products right now across all of the best astrology categories. From Zodiac-themed candles, to birthstone jewelry, and even clothing with nod to your loved ones astrological proclivities, there are plenty of options. And if astrology gifts aren't really your thing, we've also expertly picked out the best wellness gifts and the best cozy gifts—you know, if you're putting together your own Christmas wish list this December...

Best astrology gifts for each Zodiac sign

If you're looking for astrology gifts targeted at specific Zodiac signs, check out our guides for each star sign here:

  • Gifts for Aries: statement accessories and gifts to feed their feisty competitive spirit
  • Gifts for Taurus: cozy, self-care, luxury gift for the zodiac's most affectionate sign
  • Gifts for Gemini: practical, adventurous gifts they can use, to satisfy their curiosity
  • Gifts for Cancer: for this kind, caring sign—sentimental and meaningful gifts
  • Gifts for Leo: bright and bold gift ideas to satisfy the most dramatic sign there is
  • Gifts for Virgo: luxury and practical gifts for their organized and thoughtful sides
  • Gifts for Libra: hair and beauty gift ideas for the sign that loves to socialize
  • Gifts for Scorpio: meaningful gift ideas that a passionate Scorpio can dive into
  • Gifts for Sagittarius: travel gifts and fun ideas to tap into their playful spirit
  • Gifts for Capricorn: considerate, practical ideas for a sign that knows what they want
  • Gifts for Aquarius: high tech-gadgets and quirky treats for this eccentric sign
  • Gifts for Pisces: creative gifts and self-care ideas for a chilled, spiritual sign

Best astrology gifts for those who live by their horoscope

1. Astrology books

The best way to immerse yourself in astrology and learn all it has to teach is to read all about it. The are a plethora of books out there to add to your reading list, whether you're new to the world of the zodiacs, or want to expand your existing knowledge base.

2. Astrology necklaces

Birthstone jewelry is an excellent option if you're after sentimental astrology gifts that your loved one can keep close to them every day. There are an array of pendants on offer at brands like Missoma, Monica Vinader and Swarovski (to name a few). And you can also engrave many of the birthstone necklaces available, so you can give an already stunning gift that extra personal touch with a special message.

3. Astrology mugs

A nice mug for the tea and coffee lover in your life will always go down a treat, especially if it is personalized with their Zodiac sign. Whether they want to show off their sign with pride or have a personal characteristic that fits their Zodiac perfectly, a mug will help them approach every breakfast time in starry style!

4. Astrology earrings

If your recipient is always accessorizing with a pair of eye-catching earrings or has multiple piercings to play with, a pair of astrology earrings will likely be a welcome addition to their jewelry box. You can even get earrings with their personal birthstone on them. And for that special someone, the celestial pieces below are sure to be treasured for years to come.

5. Astrology journals

Journals are a great way to document your spiritual journey, making them one of the best astrology gifts. Depending on the one you choose, you can find journals which highlight important astrological dates and transits, to explanations of the lunar phases and moon rituals. They're also super cute, and make for a great way to incorporate astrology into your daily and weekly planning. And if you're not entirely sure how to get started, see our guide to journaling for beginners.

6. Astrology candles

Who doesn't love a good candle? We'll be the first to admit that we've made our way through many of the best scented candles during our self-care days, but for astrology lovers, the candle game is even better, as there are a plethora of zodiac and birth candles out there to fill your space with.

7. Astrology cards

Whether your recipient is an expert in all things astrology or are just starting out in their Zodiac exploration, a set of pretty tarot cards is a super interesting gift. If your friend is already a pro at interpreting the spiritual messages then a fresh set will be appreciated; and if they've never given it a go but want to learn how to use tarot cards, gift them their first pack to get them started.

8. Astrology homeware

With the amount of astrology and zodiac inspired homeware around, it can be hard to pick the right pieces—especially ones that complement your loved one's home and personal space. That's why we've narrowed down some cute pieces that work and bring some positive energy wherever they're placed. The Etsy zodiac sign prints below are one of our favorites at the moment, and so affordable! 

9. Astrology make-up

Some of our favorite beauty brands are embracing the ever-growing astrology phenomenon by releasing zodiac and galaxy inspired make-up, much of which is thanks to the TikTok beauty hacks that are so popular right now. From Spectrum's zodiac brushes to Huda Beauty's astrological eyeshadow palette, we're so here for the cosmic cosmetics.

10. Astrology tops

Fashion retailers have been expanding their astrology offerings for years now, with cute merchandise for every zodiac sign available everywhere from H&M to Shein. Representing your sign has never been more en vogue, especially if you're marking any of the remaining astrology events in 2022. Designs range from tops with a specific star sign on them, or more abstract astrological symbols.

11. Astrology bath products

From bath salts to bath bombs, did you know there were special bath products catering to your astrological needs? It actually makes a lot of sense. Bath time is not only an essential part of our self-care routine, but it is an intimate time, where we can really relax and reflect—much like when we're exploring our horoscopes or astrology charts. So, why not combine the two with these astrology gifts? 

12. Astrology gift sets

We love a cute gift set and when it comes to zodiac-themed kits, the options are endless. You can get everything from matching jewelry (see our guide to the best places to buy sustainable jewelry though, if that's more your thing), to a set of healing crystals to reenergize you. 

13. Astrology coasters

Coasters are a cute and subtle way to nod to your loved one's interest in astrology in their home. From cute galaxy and star prints to cool ceramic designs, these astrology coasters aren't only practical (keeping your coffee table ring-free), but they're also super pretty. Plus, there are options for every zodiac sign, if you want to personalize your gift even further.

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