Who is Austin Victoria from 'Selling the OC'? Get reacquainted with the model-turned-realtor

Austin Victoria might keep quiet in the O Group office, but what he lacks in drama he makes up for in major sales

Selling the OC. Austin Victoria in episode 205 of Selling the OC
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Truth be told, you might've forgotten all about Austin Victoria. 

That's not to say he's a bad real estate agent, far from it, but the Oppenheim Group staffer tends to steer away from the drama, of which there is plenty in Selling the OC season 2. Whether we're watching Tyler Stanaland and Alex Hall dance around their feelings for one another—a contentious topic in the office—or Polly Brindle and Alex Jarvis scream at each other after an all-hands, the intensity is as high as the listing are expensive. 

Then you have Austin: Tyler Stanaland's confidant, a hard worker, and a father of two. But what do we know about the model-turned-realtor? Let's dig a little deeper to learn more about him now that we're in the midst of season 2.

Who is Austin Victoria from 'Selling the OC'?

Although he's celebrating two years with the Oppenheim Group and two seasons in front of the camera on Selling the OC, Austin Victoria is definitely used to being in the spotlight. The realtor began modeling in 2015 after a talent scout noticed him dining with his mother. 

According to his O Group bio, Austin "prides himself in being the best father and husband he can be. His passions, other than real estate, include living a healthy lifestyle and always pushing the boundaries to become physically and mentally stronger."

Austin Victoria wife: who is he married to?

After dating for less than a year, Austin married his wife Lisa in 2018. They share two twins, Hazel and Lila, who are soon to be 4-years-old. Though the model and fitness enthusiast has love for his family, we catch him at a crossroads with Lisa in the debut season of the show, when he's keeping late hours and traveling extensively while she's home.

In season 2, those issues only seem greater, as Lisa revealed she is ready to have another child. Meanwhile, Austin is considering a move to Cabo San Lucas to help the O Group set up its new office, despite having just settled down in Orange County.

Austin admits that Lisa keeps things grounded, but he is the one who is ready to take on a challenge. He also prides himself on being his family's provider and adding another kiddo into the mix seems to raise concerns for him, though Lisa assured him in season 2 that her mother would help out if need be. Chances are, he is not going that route, judging from his reaction.

What is Austin Victoria's age?

Born on December 13, 1990, the reality star is currently 32 years old. Astrologically, he's a Sagittarius, and they're always up for an adventure and constant change. This certainly checks out, cosmically. 

Austin Victoria Instagram: what's his handle?

You can catch the Selling the OC star on Instagram at @austin_victoria, where he regularly posts sweet shots of the Victoria clan, behind-the-scenes insights into the Netflix series and plenty of shirtless thirst traps. 

What is Austin Victoria's net worth?

Though the Glendora, CA native insists he was raised from humble beginnings, Austin is now reportedly worth an estimated $3 million. He has said that providing for his family is always his first priority, and he has a sense of pride in being able to give them what he didn't have growing up. 

(If you're curious, here's the Selling the OC cast net worth.) 

What drama does Austin get into this season?

This season, the Selling the OC crew has it out for Alex Jarvis, and vice versa. A hot topic of conversation is her two-year-long engagement, and whether or not her third marriage will be a success. (She did get married in April 2023 and, thus far, it is seemingly a success.) But there was a lot of talk about Jarvis' other half, Sergio, and her friend group in Cali—particularly during an alleged Halloween party. 

"It was the strangest party I’ve ever been to. A bunch of, like, rich, fat men with, like, beautiful women everywhere,” Austin told co-workers in season 2. "[Jarvis] got really weird when she saw me like she wasn’t supposed to be there. … I’m not saying that [it was a swinger’s party]. I’ve been to some weird parties in L.A. and that by far beats them all."

Though he still has a ways to go before he earns a Drama King title, we'll go ahead and give him a point for this tidbit!

See Austin Victoria in Selling the OC season 2, now streaming on Netflix.

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