Where do Polly Brindle and Alex Jarvis stand after their explosive fight on 'Selling the OC'?

Things got heated between Polly Brindle and Alex Jarvis in season 2, to say the least. Here's what's going on with the reality star today

Polly Brindle and Alex Jarvis from Selling the OC
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In the event you got sidetracked by the mega-million-dollar listings, Polly Brindle and Alex Jarvis of The Oppenheim Group will redirect your attention back to the office drama where it belongs.

Selling the OC season 2 just premiered on Netflix on Friday, September 8, and the realtors did not disappoint. Naturally, they're working with gorgeous homes—a billion-dollar listing (yes billion with a "B")—but that pales in comparison to the tension between the crew.

We're pretty wrapped up with Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland's will-they-won't-they situation, as well as the unexpected Jarvis/Rose clash, but the sophomore season saves the best for last in the second-to-last episode thanks to Brindle and Jarvis' office screaming sesh. Trust us when we tell you this is unlike any other team meeting you've ever witnessed. 

*Warning: season 2 spoilers ahead*

What happened between Polly Brindle and Alex Jarvis on 'Selling the OC'?

Tensions came to a boil during an OC all-hands. After the team went around to report the statuses of their listings, Brindle took the opportunity to invite her entire office to her lavish sleepover-themed birthday party, despite the animosity that had been brewing. Jarvis said in front of the whole group that she would not be attending after Brindle had called her a derogatory name. 

Things began heating up from there when Brindle pulled her colleague aside after the office-wide sit-down. 

"You're telling me that I'm two different people. You're coming at me in an insulting way," Jarvis said. 

"You were f***ing dry-humping someone in Cabo. That's why you were so pissed off I have a video of it," Brindle retorted. 

Though we cannot comment on footage we haven't seen, drama about the alleged video escalated into consent issues. And since there wasn't enough chaos to go around,  rumors about a "compromising" video with Brindle and Stanaland followed. Because the team chit-chat already hadn't gone poorly enough.

Did Polly and Alex make up on 'Selling the OC'?

Though quite a bit of time has passed since filming took place, we're going to go out on a limb and say that the two have not made amends. Why? They're not following one another on Instagram, though they're following plenty of their other reality-show peers. 

Additionally, when Jarvis tied the knot—after getting engaged for a third time, as the cast likes to point out—Brindle was noticeably absent from the comments section of the announcement. You'd think a congratulatory Insta comment would be the cordial thing to do, considering they're in such close quarters.

Should anything develop on this friendship front, or lack thereof, we'll be sure to keep you posted. In the meantime, we're going to have to be patient for Selling the OC season 3.

Selling the OC season 2 is available to stream on Netflix beginning Friday, September 8.

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