Tyler Stanaland is 'Selling The OC's' surfer-turned realtor who's the center of gossip

Tyler Stanaland is certainly no stranger to the spotlight, especially after *that* incident

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Hollywood and California real estate are crossing paths. Tyler Stanaland, who is part of the cast of the Selling Sunset spinoffSelling The OC, is no stranger to the spotlight or a mind-blowing listing. He will soon make a name for himself on your new Netflix guilty pleasure, but you've definitely seen him before.

Caution: some spoilers ahead!

Who is Tyler Stanaland?

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Tyler comes from real estate royalty—he's the son of John Stanaland, the head of a family-run brokerage that specializes in luxury listings in Laguna Beach. 

Undoubtedly, Tyler's picked up some tips from dad along the way, considering his O Group profile (opens in new tab) states: "Tyler cut his teeth alongside his father and has since carved a niche of his own as a rising leader in the luxury market."

Even though he clearly has a knack for helping people find their dream homes, Tyler also dipped his toes into uncharted waters—quite literally—as a professional surfer who traveled around the world in search of a good wave. Like real estate, surfing was in his blood. 

However, things turned problematic for Tyler in 2012 when in Mexico for a competition. He was diagnosed with a severe auto-immune disease that caused ulcers in his large intestine, making it almost impossible—and life-threatening—to hit the waves. 

He wouldn't let this be a challenge for his love of the water: after 100+ days in the hospital and seven surgeries, he's able to hop on a board once more. In fact, he said on the show that if he had to rate what he most loves in life it would be surfing, then his wife and dog, with real estate coming fourth. 

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Tyler has a famous wife

Oh, and his surfing isn't what we meant by "Hollywood". We were referring to his wife, actor Brittany Snow. You've likely seen the duo on the red carpet, and you've watched Snow in Pitch Perfect, Hairspray and Almost Family, to name just a few.

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Although Tyler's linked to a famous face, you won't be seeing his wife on the show, he revealed in an ET (opens in new tab) exclusive. 

"But she's supportive," he told the outlet. "I have what makes the most sense in my career, and she has what makes the most sense in her career, and kind of whatever is best, we do, and we support, and I think that's what makes our relationship successful."

(This definitely reminded us a bit of Chrishell Stause's link to her famous ex—not Jason Oppenheim—Justin Hartley from This Is Us.)

But as far as work goes, it's all about the journey for Tyler.

"I think we all came to the plate with a different storyline and I think you’re seeing bits and pieces of those storylines and hopefully we get more time to tell those stories as they grow. Because I think we all are maturing as people and as professionals," he told the TODAY Show (opens in new tab)

And indeed we do see Tyler mature—he sold his first home after leaving his father's business during filming and guess what? He even rings the office bell! Go Tyler!

What happens between Kayla and Tyler?

While Tyler brands himself a "reserved" guy, he's actually part of quite a bit of drama on the show. While he's one of the three married guys in the office (Sean in the only one without a ring), one of his co-workers, Kayla Cardona, tries to kiss him while they're all out drinking. 

The situation didn't go down well in the office, creating tension between some of the women (including Alex Hall). But it was especially awkward for both parties involved. In a new interview with Reality Life with Kate Casey (opens in new tab), the surfer-turned-realtor mentioned the now buzzy incident.  

"One night, Kayla did try and kiss me. And then it happened another night as well," he revealed. "And so on the show, out of respect for her, I am just kind of trying to minimize it and brush past it so that there isn't drama. We can all focus on what we should be doing."

Though he insists that Cardona was a repeat offender, there does appear to be a decent amount of flirting on the show, throwing the notion of boundaries out the window. 

"We are a tight-knit office, and we really did, for the most part all become friends, which is a unique experience for any office," Tyler added. 

Cardona had a different take on the event in an exclusive interview with US Weekly.

"I’m not gonna flirt with someone if I don’t feel like I’m getting flirt[ed] with back. If I know that someone is definitely not interested, I have a lot more confidence in myself than to just throw myself at someone for no reason," she told the outlet. "I was definitely feeling the reciprocation back and, you know, multiple times. But nothing has ever happened."

Well, things are status quo with the O Group office, and in Tyler's marriage, according to his claims. Now that season 1 is behind us—and we've already binged in—here's hoping for more listings and drama in Selling The OC season 2.

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