The 'Barbie and Ken relationship' is a new trend that'll make you feel supported—here's how to embrace it, according to dating experts

The 'Barbie and Ken relationship' is on display like never before, but what's it all about? The pros have the scoop

The Barbie and Ken relationship; Barbie (Margot Robbie) and Ken (Ryan Gosling) in a pink car in the Greta Gerwig Barbie film
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In between bursts of pink, we've caught glimpses of the Barbie and Ken relationship: she in all her superstardom, he, well...he's just Ken.

The epitome of a Golden Retriever boyfriend, the iconic hunk has come in second to our leading lady after six decades, and that's especially true as the celeb-filled Barbie movie gears up for a Friday, July 21 premiere. Regardless, single millennials are pursuing a connection similar to what the famous fictional couple has built, according to eharmony research. 

"There is a reason that Barbie and Ken are an iconic duo," says Laurel House, a dating expert for the company. "It’s a fun, luxurious relationship that has become idealized. But the romanticism of that relationship has primarily lived in our heads, until now."

So what is it all about, exactly, and is it something our other half can appreciate, too? Allow us to give you the scoop (no pink or glitter included). 

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Laurel House

Laurel House is an international celebrity dating and relationship coach working with eharmony. She also shares her expertise on E!’s Famously Single and lends a hand as a dating coach for Three Day Rule Matchmaking. Laurel is also a five-time author and has been featured in a variety of publications, including Vogue, Glamour and

What is a 'Barbie and Ken relationship'?

A "Barbie and Ken relationship" is all about having a solid support system. While you rock that Main Character Energy, your S.O. will be at your side cheering you on. 

"Everyone wants to feel supported. Many of us want to feel like we can shine unapologetically, enigmatically, and fully be ourselves," House says. "When those two are combined in a relationship we feel free and encouraged to shine bright, with our partner supporting us."

Considering we've been subjected to less-than-exciting dating trends—"mosting," "soft cheating" to name a select few—who wouldn't want someone to be their #1? But in between all of this self-love, where does that leave our partner? Will our other half become the sidekick that goes unnoticed?

"While some might mistake the Barbie/Ken dynamic as imbalanced, it doesn’t have to be," House assures. "Two supportive, confident, happy people can also be deeply connected and rooted in trust and the true desire for each other to be their best selves."

Yes, Barbie and Ken are enjoying life in plastic, but that doesn't mean their saccharine outlook and overly positive mindset are insincere. It means they're choosing to embrace a light-hearted energy all while enjoying a caring relationship, which we can all appreciate. Yes, there will be tough times here and there—"You guys ever think about dying?!"—but overall, why not choose happiness? 

"While some aspects are seemingly superficial, the truth is that you never know the depth of a relationship unless you are within the hearts and heads of the couple," House notes. "They might present a superficial facade, but sometimes that is just for show and what lies beneath goes much deeper. After all, Barbie and Ken have made it 62 years so far—definitely an enviable love story."

Well, we can't argue with a milestone like that, now, can we? You can catch the famous pair on screens beginning July 21. Enjoy these Barbie memes, including the newly beloved Barbie vs Oppenheimer memes, in the meantime!

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