What's the actual plot of the 'Barbie' movie? These theories are *seriously* compelling

This Barbie has all the fan theories...

'Barbie' movie plot: MARGOT ROBBIE as Barbie in Warner Bros. Pictures’ “BARBIE,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release/ in a pink template
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The Barbie movie plot theories are rolling in hot following the drop of the first teaser trailer and it's safe to say "this Barbie" is pretty darn intrigued...

Yes at last, the trailer for Greta Gerwig's Barbie is here and while we've finally got a first look at the entire cast embodying the many variations of Ken, Barbie and that one Allan (hi, Michael Cera!) in all their plastic-fantastic glory, the plot is still something of a mystery. That being said, the first trailer did provide us with a ton of easter eggs and clues hinting at the potential direction of the film and fans are really rolling with them.

So for anyone desperate to know what adventure lies ahead for Margot Robbie's Barbie and Ryan Gosling's Ken, let's dissect the most popular and convincing Barbie theories, shall we?

All the best 'Barbie' movie plot theories we've seen

From sneak peeks at the Barbie dream house (inspired, of course, by the OG Mattel toys), to Ken's iconic roller skates—not to mention that iconic Barbie shoe moment, where she steps out of her fluffy pink heels, only for her foot to stay in that same arched position just like the dolls—there was a lot to dissect from the new teaser. The Barbiecore detail in the trailer alone is *chefs kiss* and naturally, viewers have already spun the contents into some elite Barbie memes.

But online detectives have also started to piece together potential clues to the, so far, ambiguous plot. So, while we count down the weeks until Barbie's release date (July 21, people!), let's put these theories under a pink microscope...

Ken as the antagonist theory

While Ken appears as the ever-doting boyfriend in the trailer, it's pretty much confirmed that the film will comment on and address gender stereotypes, misogyny and, of course, the patriarchy through its plot—and Ken will likely be a key tool in doing so.

In fact, TikToker, @jstoobs (whose video now has over 13 thousand likes) reckons Ken could even be the eventual antagonist of the film, explaining that Barbie land appears to be a matriarchy, where "all the men are essentially just superfluous accessories." In the trailer, all the Kens appear insecure and competitive with one another, as they literally revolve around Margot's Barbie and "don't know who they are without Barbie."


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@jstoobs then adds: "In every iteration of Barbie's story, Barbie is so accomplished and talented and independent, she relies on Ken for nothing—Ken basically just exists to orbit around Barbie's sun."

So, when Barbie and Ken depart for the real world together, they're going to have very different experiences.

Ken is leaving a world where he is solely dependent on Barbie and his whole personality is "just Ken" aka, Barbie's boyfriend—and entering a new reality where he'll have more "anatomy and power than he's ever had in his life."

Thus, we could see Ken get corrupted by the powers that be in the new world or begin to resent Barbie's independence and perhaps even try to sabotage her journey. Personally, we're kinda hoping Ken will become the ultimate side-kick with his neon rollerblades, but we like this theory too!

The 'Barbie' and 'The Wizard of Oz' theory

Others think that the trailer hints at a potential The Wizard of Oz-type storyline, thanks to the many nods to the iconic film throughout the teaser. As user @catquinn notes, we first see Barbie in a Dorothy-like gingham dress and while this might seem like a coincidence, wait—there's more!


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We then see Barbie drive past a movie theatre that has posters of The Wizard of Oz movie outside, before Barbie and Ken then drive down a pink brick road to the real world. As Cat says: "Will she ultimately realize there's no place like home and tap her Barbie pink slippers three times?" We hope so, we're obsessed with this theory!

July cannot come fast enough!

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