6 of the best gym perfumes to keep you energized and smelling *fresh* throughout your workout

Here are the best gym scents to keep you smelling darn good, despite the all the sweat...

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Whether you're looking for an invigorating aroma to keep you in the zone or an alluring, impression-making scent—in case of a surprise gym crush run-in—these are the best, sweat-disguising gym perfumes, according to the experts...

While you might already have your office perfume sorted and even your vacation scent, you might want to consider upping your workout fragrance game—especially if you find your deo just isn't cutting it anymore. 

Though perfume is often attributed to just smelling nice on our skin, a familiar scent or just knowing you smell like a dream can also do wonders for our self-confidence—and even our focus. So, if you find the gym a little intimidating (we see you, fellow shy-girl workout lovers) or you just want to feel at the top of your game, these are the best perfume notes to opt for...


Whether you're a Pilates gal or love sweating it out on the treadmill, here are our picks of the best energizing and long-lasting scents—so you can just concentrate on hitting your goals...

Best perfume notes for the gym

  • Recommended notes: zesty scents of orange, lemon, grapefruit, guava, fresh coffee and florals 

Quizzing Natalia Ortiz, Chief Commercial Officer at The Fragrance Shop about the best energizing scents, she said: "Zingy scents are great for boosting your energy levels for the gym such as grapefruit or guava, but fresh hits of coffee notes in your fragrance can also wake up your senses so you feel fresh and ready for the gym!"

If you're a floral perfume lover, Ortiz also recommends something botanical—like the best spring perfumes—especially as a way to cover up sweat odor. She adds: "Perfume is a great way to mask sweat, and wearing florals can be a long-lasting cover-up for body odor from the gym. If you want more vibrancy though, Ortiz suggests a 'zestier, fruitier scent.'

In general, Ortiz says: "I would keep gym perfumes light and fruity (such as citrusy scents like lemon, orange or lime), as they're strong enough to withstand sweat but not overpowering, where it could feel too heavy whilst you're working out." You don't want your perfume to be distracting or OTT, where you start to feel slightly nauseous. 

Should you wear an Eau De Parfum or Toilette to the gym?

If you're wondering if you should lug your pricey Eau De Parfum to the gym, Ortiz says: "An EDT is a great option for the gym, as it's lighter than your EDP—which you could then change to, after your post-gym shower. 

"If you do choose to wear an EDP for the gym, you can always wear fewer sprays, so that your fragrance isn't distracting you whilst you work out or too overpowering for the gym environment."

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