The best Hinge questions and answers to add to your dating profile

If you’re stuck on which questions to answer on your Hinge profile, these should be your go-to

hinge questions and answers
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In the days before Hinge, using dating apps required only one thing: a selection of attractive photos. While bios existed and writing a funny bio was its own art form, it was never a necessity, so relying on your good looks was easy enough. For users of the dating app Hinge, however, filling out a full profile is mandatory and while it does make for more specific matches, it also means you have to be alluring in your personality as well as your profile pictures. 

The Hinge profile also led the way in making dating apps offer a question and answer system and again, while it is optional for other services, Hinge has made answering at least three questions mandatory. Obviously, having to be original against a sea of answers to pre-set questions can feel impossible. Which is why this crowd sourced, handy dandy Hinge guide will make sure you are picking the right questions that have the most pull factor.

“A social cause I’m passionate about is”

This question is best to work out if you share the same political or social beliefs without having to jump into a deep question and answer session before your first date. Eden, who holds Hinge up as her favourite dating app, comments that she prefers “the social cause question because it gives you a chance to show your politics and see the beliefs of other people”.

By answering this question with an honest look at your own politics, it will ensure those who disagree with your fundamental beliefs don’t get in touch. Because who wants to make pillow talk with a person who doesn’t agree with your political opinions?

hinge questions and answers

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“I won’t shut up about...”

With most of the questions on Hinge being so generic that they inspire generic answers - do we really need to go over the pineapple on pizza debate again? - this question allows the user to get niche about any specific-to-them hobbies or interests they may have. Eden confirms this one as a top clicker for her both on her profile, and for her to interact with other profiles. 

“Even if I am not particularly attracted to someone, I will reply to their profile if their answers are good, just to have a conversation,” she observes. So if you have any particular interest you love to talk about - or need your potential partner to care about - this is the question for you. 

“My go-to karaoke song is”

Out of all the interviewees, this question ranked the highest. Lily, a London based creative, enthuses that her “all time favourite Hinge question is definitely the karaoke one. You can learn so much from a person by what song they are willing to belt out in public.” 

Whether you use this question to show off your impeccable music taste is up to you, but utilising it for humour is also an excellent choice. Harriet, a fellow Hinger says “the best answer I have seen for it is ‘The Simpsons theme tune’.” Take this one seriously or be a bit jokey - either way, it’s the top rated choice for a Hinge question and answer pick.

“My biggest date fail was”

Another chance to be funny, but Alex, a lesbian who has tried all the apps, warns against answering too “try hard”. “People usually use these questions to ‘try to list their most outrageous and unbelievable stories or things about them’, but they’re often really dull.” She explains, “The question encourages people to frame their experiences as really wild, but they’re usually very mundane.”

Instead, utilise this question to state what you are not looking for on a date. Be honest about what has turned you off in the past in order to ensure that nobody does it again to you in the future. 

“I am weirdly attracted to”

Luke, a creative consultant, says this is his question of choice because it is a great opportunity to showcase humour - or list a specific turn on that others might be interested in. By putting that he “loves dungaree-clad women”, the answer is suitably tongue in cheek that it won’t put anyone off him, while hopefully bagging him a girl that has an incredible dungaree collection. Use this question to showcase your personality and slyly impress what you’re looking for in your dream partner.