Mercury retrograde memes that will crack you up, despite the chaos

Laugh now, stress later. The best Mercury retrograde memes are not to be missed—we promise!

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Like it or not, it's time for the infamous Mercury retrograde. Memes began to surface just as the planet started moving backward, which is truly the best gifts astrology fans could hope for at a chaotic time like this. 

During the smallest planet's antics, we're often inclined to clutch our favorite crystals for anxiety: we're fearful our relationships will implode, along with our tech gadgets and group chats. Mercury has a way of putting us on edge, especially considering we're getting an extra helping this year.

But before the fear sets in, why not have a laugh with these all-too-relatable memes? Even our expert astrologer Nina Kahn is one to get in on the jokes. (See below!) Enjoy some of the internet's best work...and back up your Mac after you do.

Our favorite Mercury retrograde memes

Whenever chaos strikes, we need a little levity. (Hence the reason for memes!) However, Mercury retrograde 2023 isn't going to be too intense, according to cosmic pros. 

"These first three might be somewhat easier to go through since earth energy is stable, determined and rational," astrologer Liz Simmons previously told us. "So, it might be easier to work through the logistics of the craziness that Mercury retrograde could bring."

Even still, we're never ones to deny ourselves a belly laugh, so dig right into these hysterical moments. We promise you won't be disappointed.

1. I don't like it like that

Brain fog...reemerging exes...canceled plans. Thank you, but no thank you, Mercury. 

2. 'Can you not?'

Giving Mercury a quick call to say leave us alone...before it cuts our phone connection.

3. 'Hunger Games' comparison

It's a bit concerning comparing an astrological event to the dystopian series, don't you think? As the saying goes: "May the odds be ever in your favor."

4. Incoming call

Can't talk now, but we can look at texts...perhaps?

5. 'Nooooo'

This pretty much sums it up perfectly. "Nooooo!"

6. Impeccable timing

Have you taken a look at the May astrology events calendar? We're in for quite a doozy: retrogrades, eclipses, Friday the 13th. How much is one person supposed to take?!

7. This was strategically planned

Mercury must've sensed that we had a lot going on and decided to join the fun. How lovely! Clearly, it's a fan of the "the more the merrier" sentiment.

8. Time for some TLC

What better way to prep for Mercury retrograde than with the best self-care practices, right? This full-body robe below should do nicely.

9. LOL

Don't you love when Mercury tries to ruin your positive mindset?

10. The only Mercury we'll accept

Alexa, play "Bohemian Rhapsody."

11. How we plan to reemerge

When June 3 hits and Mercury retrograde comes to an end, we'll be back and better than ever. But wait, what about that Mercury shadow period...

While yes, we love laughing at the internet's creativity, the meaning of Mercury in retrograde isn't all doom and gloom. As the planet of communication, things might feel a bit haywire, but in fact, it's actually a time to get things organized.

"This is a powerful opportunity to grow and expand, but in doing that you have to reevaluate things," says numerologist and astrologer Kaitlyn Kaerhart previously told My Imperfect Life."A lot of things from the past come up in Mercury retrograde, and that will kind of freak people out, but it’s only the unhealed things that are holding you back."

See, not so bad? Let's all embrace this time of year instead of dreading it...but no judgment if you decided to back up your hard drive—just in case!

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