Best mini fridges for skincare to keep your beauty essentials cool

Storing your products in one of the best mini fridges for skincare is a great way to cool your skin down in the heat (plus they look seriously chic)

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Spotted beauty influencers keeping their skin products in a fridge? While not exactly essential, the best mini fridges for skincare are a nice added luxury for keeping your faves in a dedicated cool space—as well as chilling items like face mists for an extra nice skin refresh when it's hot.

Refrigerating products like the best face moisturizer or tools like jade rollers before using them can provide a cooling hit and briefly de-puff the skin, as well as helping to prevent your products (especially solid cleansers, lip balms and lipsticks) from melting during the warmer months of the year. Plus, who doesn't love applying cool products to their skin? Not only does that crisp, fresh sensation feel great, it can temporarily benefit our skin.

"Most skincare products should be stored at room temperature, but there are some products that do give extra benefits by storing them in the fridge, such as gel-based moisturizers or masks," Dr. Preema, Medical Director of the Dr. Preema London Clinic, tells us. "When applied to the face, the product will help cool irritated skin, and reduce puffiness and redness." 

There are mixed opinions on how beneficial it is to refrigerate your products, but some beauty enthusiasts swear by it, so if you're keen to give it a try we've picked out some super-cute mini fridges for skincare to store your favorite goodies. 

Meet the expert on skincare fridges

  • Dr. Preema Vig is an aesthetic doctor and Medical Director of the Dr. Preema London Clinic, who specializes in non-surgical facial rejuvenation. She's explained to My Imperfect Life how skincare fridges can be beneficial.

The best mini fridges for skincare to shop now

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