What are Chrishell and Nicole fighting about on 'Selling Sunset' season 6?

Chrishell and Nicole keep hitting below the belt, but what are they arguing about, exactly? Well...

Chrishell and Nicole arguing on the beach in Selling Sunset season 6 on Netflix
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What would the O Group office be without some drama? Chrishell and Nicole are definitely here to deliver in Christine's absence

Selling Sunset season 6 hit Netflix on Friday, May 19, and it didn't take long for tensions to flair between the realtors, though their slow-burn fight all started with a three-year-old listing. Nothing like holding onto a grudge!

As the season progresses, Pandora's Box is ripped open and things only get worse between the two. Is there hope for Chrishell Stause and newbie Nicole Young, who were once friends? We're not holding our breath. 


What's going on between Chrishell and Nicole? 

After a brief office hiatus following her split from boss Jason Oppenheim, Chrishell returns to the Oppenheim Group L.A. locale to ring the bell and cash some checks, but along the way, she encounters a few hurdles with Nicole. 

Turns out Nicole is upset that Chrishell took credit for a listing she sold three years ago when Jason included Chrishell in the deal. Nicole (who was also one of Jason's girlfriends and even calls herself the O.G.—Original Girlfriend) says on the show that she thinks Jason included Chrishell in the deal because he had a 'thing' for her at the time. 

The problem? Chrishell was still married to Justin Hartley then and she does not like the accusation of being too friendly with her boss while she was in a relationship. In fact, both Chrishell and Jason say several times that nothing was happening between them at the time. 

Then, things boil over during an open house when they sit beachside to discuss said listing. 

"I'll call you a b****. You are a bitch and you've been a bitch," Chrishell says before storming off. "I get it but I'm done giving you your moment."

The issues are left unresolved, and things only escalate when Nicole shows her support for Jason's new flame, Marie-Lou Nurk, a.k.a. the woman she's hoping will be "the future Mrs. Oppenheim," according to an alleged Instagram birthday shout-out.

To make matters even more confusing, Chrishell also reveals she did not get a commission for that deal. So, dear reader, we were left wondering exactly what the issue was...

What happened in Palm Springs between Nicole and Chrishell? 

Against their better judgment, the O Group ladies took time off to bond with one another in Palm Springs, a relaxing getaway that turned into a disaster of epic proportions—particularly when Chrishell alleged that Nicole was on drugs over dinner. 

In the middle of her vacation, Nicole went to take a drug test to clear up any confusion and threatened to take legal action if the disparaging remarks continued. Overall, everyone needed a vacation from their vacation. 

nicole young storming off at dinner in palm springs with the oppenheim group employees on selling sunset season 6

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What did Chrishell post about Nicole?

When Selling Sunset season 6 was filmed, Chrishell took to Instagram Stories to throw some shade at an anonymous co-star. We suspected that her remarks were geared toward one of the O Group newbies, either Nicole or Bre Tiesi, but we're leaning more toward the latter given what goes down between the two.

"The thirst for camera time on season 6 is real. Wow. That was insanity," Chrishell wrote on Stories, in addition to a long list of negativity. "Get your 15 minutes girl, but leave my business out of it," the rant continued. 

Then, during an interview at the 2022 People's Choice Awards, one in which Chrishell stated she was "on the sauce", she admitted she was most disappointed with Nicole in season six and called her the "thirstiest" of the group. Mystery solved. 


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Well, in a surprise that we didn't see coming, Christine actually said recently that she and Chrishell could be close to reconciliation—so perhaps there's hope for her and Nicole?

"I feel like Chrishell and I are actually not on bad terms. We really aren't. I told her on Twitter, I said, 'I'm open to reconciliation.' And she hearted it, and there was like a cute little convo. So, who knows what the future holds?", the former O Group employee revealed during an E! News episode in May 2023.

 We'll have to wait for Selling Sunset season 7 to find out...

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