Will Christine Quinn be on 'Selling Sunset' season 6? Plus, everything else fans need to know

The former Oppenheim Group staffer just weighed in on 'Selling Sunset' season 6

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If we could have Selling Sunset season 6 immediately or sooner, we'd be satisfied.  

While snacking on Emma's empanadas and kicking back for the first-ever Selling Sunset reunion, we started looking ahead. 

Though we've just reunited with the Oppenheim Group and all of its West Coast real estate shenanigans—budding romances, workplace rivalries and so on—we're naturally curious what's going to unfold next.

So, what do we know about the upcoming listings...and all the fun that goes along with 'em? Allow us to fill you in on Selling Sunset season 6. 

Will there be a 'Selling Sunset' season 6?

Rest assured, loyal fans: Selling Sunset and Bling Empire have been renewed by Netflix for at least two more seasons. (Can we expect that crossover in the near future?)

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The streaming platform gave us the green light in March 2021, and even realtor Chrishell Stause weighed in on the exciting news via Twitter: "#SellingSunset renewed for TWO more seasons!! Thank you @netflix Bring your earplugs if coming to the office today!! #Netflix"

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What will 'Selling Sunset' season 6 focus on?

The big focus for season 5 was the Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim love affair, an unexpected union that blossomed between the boss and his employee. 

"Chrishell and I became close friends and it has developed into an amazing relationship," the realtor told People (opens in new tab). “I care about her deeply and we are very happy together."

Unfortunately, the union did not quite pan out, so we already know the duo's fate going into the new season. But will we get the full timeline? Will season 6 focus on the breakup? Plus, who is Chrishell dating now, and will we get a sneak peek at the duo?


Who will star in 'Selling Sunset' season 6?

You can expect the typical group, though we do expect a bit of a shakeup. (More on that in a bit.) 

Chelsea Lazkani, Selling Sunset's newest cast member, debuted in season 5, so we're hopeful she'll ride out the rest of the show's future with her Oppenheim colleagues. Perhaps we'll even meet a few more new faces!

Will Christine Quinn be in 'Selling Sunset' season 6?

Ah, the million-dollar question!

The mom and realtor has embarked on many new ventures: her first book, How to Be a Boss B*tch, landed on shelves on May 17. Additionally, she'll be opening up her own firm. Despite these changes—and her absence from the first-ever Selling Sunset reunion—she will in no way sit out of the Netflix hit.

Apparently, the former Oppenheim Group staffer has every intention of starring in season 6, according to an exclusive with US Weekly (opens in new tab)

"The show is, like, my No. 1 [and] everyone knows that," she revealed to the outlet. "But we just have to get creative now because I don’t work for the Oppenheim Group. Maybe it’s a battle of the brokerages.”

She further revealed that she and Jason are currently on good terms, despite her exit from the group and that she has every plan to play out her time in the spotlight. 

She further stated, "“Like, I’ll always be on television. I’m not going anywhere. It’s just, like, let’s have fun with this now.”

We give her an A+ for confidence.

When will 'Selling Sunset' season 6 premiere? 

Netflix confirmed that there will be a bit of a resting period between seasons (ugh, if that's what they insist) so we'll have to be patient. 

But if you recall after the season 4 Thanksgiving debut, we found out shortly thereafter that season 5 was already in the works thanks to Miss. Stause's social media activity. Perhaps we'll get another quick turnaround?!

Until then, we'll gladly follow along with the season 5 ups and downs. If you're feeling a void, do be sure to catch up with the the Selling Tampa cast and all of their realty-related dilemmas—and beyond!

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