The top crystals for good luck and how to use them, according to the experts

'Every crystal can be a lucky crystal if you use it correctly.’ Try these crystals for good luck and see if the mystical stones are on your side

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Want to harness those positive vibes? Our favorite crystals for good luck will help you feel extra fortunate, regardless of what you're experiencing.

(This is especially handy to keep in mind as a forthcoming Mercury in retrograde prepares to shake things up.) Let's dive in and let the good times roll. 

What are the best crystals for good luck?

When shopping for crystals, there are plenty of options to choose from, especially if you want a little luck on your side. 

"Aventurine is a great stone for prosperity, and helps alleviate fears around success while opening your heart up to opportunity and abundance," says astrologer Renée Watt. "Tiger's Eye is a great stone for luck, and can help you feel more adventurous and prone to happenstance that leads to opportunity."

Thinking of stocking up? Check out a few of our go-to selections: 

  • Malachite helps with calming
  • Green Aventurine encourages perseverance
  • Pyrite wards off negativity 
  • Carnelian can balance body energy
  • Citrine helps you avoid negativity
  • Goldstone will help you reach your goals
  • Jade symbolizes purity and harmony

Luckily, there is no right formula that experts suggest—it's all about doing what works well for you

"Every crystal can be a lucky crystal if you use it correctly," astrologer Liz Simmons of The Crone argues. "For example, rose quartz can be your good luck stone if you want to attract love. But green aventurines may be your good luck charm if you want to be prosperous at work. Choose your crystal according to what you want to have a bit of luck with."

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Where to start with crystals for good luck?

Not sure what's what? No sweat, we're happy to guide you though Crystals 101. Take note of the following crystals, according to Emma Lucy Knowles, author of The Power of Crystal Healing: Change Your Energy and Live A High-Vibe Life

  • Amethyst promotes calm and balance
  • Rose quartz promotes unconditional love
  • Clear quartz represents connectivity

How should I use crystals for good luck?

 Much like your purchases, there is nothing set in stone regarding the rituals. 

"It's more about what your intuition is telling you, though if you're hoping to trigger luck in your day to day you should pick something that you can easily carry," Watt suggests. "Try to choose a crystal that feels comfortable in your hand, and that you're drawn to both aesthetically and energetically."

Simmons offers an alternative for those who would prefer to keep their goodies at home. 

"I recommend meditating or journaling with your crystals, especially if you don't want to bring them out in public," Simmons says. "That can help you set the intention with the stone. However, if you feel comfortable carrying a crystal on you, bring it with you whenever you need a bit of luck!"

There's no magical formula, how-to or anything difficult you need to uncover: go with your gut, do what makes you feel best and find the crystal that best matches what you're searching for. Be sure to take a look at our guide to crystals for anxiety to keep things zen while you're at it. 

Happy crystal shopping, folks!

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