The art of manifesting with crystals

Get ready to bring romance and prosperity into your life by manifesting with crystals

Manifesting with crystals and minerals
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Using and manifesting with crystals are becoming increasingly popular now that we are all prioritizing our mental health and self-care.

Knowing where to start can seem daunting, but no need to worry! First, take a look at the best crystals for beginners. Then, this guide to manifesting with crystals will show you the art of using these mystical objects in your everyday life. 

Thanks to the likes of TikTok, searches for manifesting with crystals have increased hugely since this time last year. It’s now the norm to see a friend's windowsill scattered with crystals and inspirational Instagram reels about how manifesting changed someone’s life. Let's dive into the trend and how you can begin manifesting with crystals. 

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What is manifesting?

Holistic therapist Danielle Pond from Last Verdict says: “Manifesting is the practice of aspirational thinking, where positive thinking has the power to change our lives. Positive thinking in itself can be powerful and significant in reducing illness and ailments.” 

Manifesting can be viewed a bit like meditation. Like when using the best meditation apps, you take quiet time for yourself, but instead of trying to clear your mind and relax, you instead focus on your intentions, desires, and goals. 

It is believed among those who practice manifestation that the more you practice, the more likely you are to achieve your goals because you are charging your life with positivity and passion.

What is manifesting with crystals?

Crystals can be powerful tools in themselves but are also ideal for manifesting, as they can help you focus your thoughts and energies. They also have their own health benefits. You can find crystals for anxiety, crystals to help sleep—you name it. 

Danielle Pond explains: “Crystals carry strong energies, which can be utilized during manifestation. Certain crystals carry physical and mental health benefits, while others are thought to invite romance and prosperity into our lives.”

If you’re looking for stones that aid health, Pond recommends amethyst, which helps with calmness and tranquility. “From a health perspective, amethyst is really popular as it’s known to help relieve headaches and stress levels,” Pond explains.

Turquoise is also a healing and purification stone, which can help against pollutants in the atmosphere.

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If love is your goal, rose quartz is the stone of universal love and restores balance and harmony to your relationships. If you’re looking to increase passion and sex drive, garnet is the stone for you. It revitalizes energy and promotes passion, love, and admiration.

If you're wanting to feel more confident, Citrine attracts abundance and promotes prosperity. It is also thought to raise self-esteem and confidence. Moonstone balances you, from your emotions to your hormones.

Once you’ve found the crystals that suit you, you can either hold them or have them around you while you practice manifestation. Some people like to chant or say their intentions out loud, but you can also sit quietly and think about your desires and goals—letting your crystals pick up your energy.

You can also carry your crystals with you but remember to cleanse your crystals regularly. You can place them in a bowl of natural salt, run them under cold water or leave them in the sun or moonlight.

How to use the moon when manifesting with crystals

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The moon can be seriously powerful when it comes to our moods, desires, and our crystals. With the help of the full moon calendar, you can base your manifestation routine on the phases of the moon.

Pond says: “We tend to feel more ambitious during the new moon, whereas we feel tense and at odds with ourselves on the full moon, as this is the point where the sun and the moon are directly opposite each other. 

"The new moon is the start of the moon cycle, and many use this to manifest their intentions and plan for the month ahead.” Pond also adds that using crystals during the new moon can “elevate your desires and manifestations.” 

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