The best crystals for Mercury Retrograde that'll help you survive its ups and downs

Astrologer Noush of Girl and Her Moon gives us the scoop

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The smallest planet is also the trickiest, but luckily, crystals for Mercury Retrograde will help you ward off any chaos.

Sure, Mercury Retrograde 2022 might have a few doozies up its sleeve—which includes an extra helping this year—but there's no need to fear imploding tech gadgets or missing keys. 

Take it from Noush, an astrologer with Girl and Her Moon, who actually sells crystals via her Instagram account. She insists this dreaded time is actually a perfect opportunity to slow down and reflect, with the help of a few handy crystals (great gifts astrology fans love). 

Rather than panic as the planet moves backwards, flip the script and arm yourself with a few pretty trinkets to keep the peace. And to top it off, they look pretty on your coffee table to boot. 


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Crystals for Mercury Retrograde

"One of the crystals I seem to be drawn to for communication would be amethyst," Noush says. "It'll help you have a clearer understanding of your deeper thoughts so that maybe you can communicate with a little bit more calm or patience."

She typically is fond of wearing her favorite stones as jewelry, but is also in favor of keeping go-to selections in a pouch. Should things really go haywire, Noush recommends you take your crystal care up a notch.  

"If you're really feeling that energy of the Mercury Retrograde cluttering your mind, you can also meditate with the stone to help you absorb more of its energy," she recommends.  

(For those who like to be extra prepared, check out our favorite crystals for anxiety and crystals for good luck.)


Hand of Fatima Bracelet

RRP: £20

A silver and amethyst bracelet to help guide your intuition. All bracelets are blessed, Reiki cleansed and charged with a powerful affirmation by the Psychic Sisters.

No need to stop the collection with amethyst, however. Citrine also makes for a decent selection whenever Mercury decides to pull a few stunts. 

"if things seem like they're falling apart with the trickery of Mercury Retrograde, citrine holds an energy that gives you a positive outlook," Noush says. "It helps you step into your inner strength  to overcome the stresses of everyday life."


Zenluma Citrine Crystal Stone

RRP: $14.95, £21.49

Three pre-cleansed  healing Citrine gemstones 

For a deeper sense of clarity, Noush oftentimes turns to the deep-blue Lapis lazuli.

"It's this is deeper energy of connecting you to your mind in a much more powerful way that encourages communication from a place of integrity or intuition," she notes. "It channels a higher consciousness."


Lapis Lazuli Healing Crystals

RRP: $11.99, £10.99

Rough raw stones to be used for reiki, meditation, energy healing and more.

While society has led us to believe that Mercury is going to wreak havoc on our lives, take a step back: this planet is in retrograde more than any other, so you're pretty used to its energy. And now, you have crystals for any stressors that pop up. 

It was a good effort on Mercury's part, but you've got this. 


An intuitive astrologer with Girl and Her Moon, Noush believes in the healing power of focused energy. You can catch her cosmic insight during an astrology reading or by signing up for a Flow with the Moon Membership.

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