These fall sex tips will ensure your spiciest season yet

And we're *not* just talking about the pumpkin spice in your lattes

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Sure, the friskiest time of year is winding down, but these fall sex tips are guaranteed to spice up the season more than the grande PSL you've been harboring. 

While yes, libidos do well with a boost of Vitamin D, sexpert Angie Rowntree insists that friskiness abounds even as the colder months begin to sweep in.

"It is not without some irony that ‘sweater weather’ often invites us to stay in and lose the sweater entirely, if you catch our drift," Rowntree joked. "Even if you aren’t attempting to put 'pumpkin spice everything' into your life right now, fall has a way of igniting our senses and inviting us to savor."

As you trade in that bikini for a flannel, read her tips for making the most out of the season—and your sex life.

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Angie Rowntree

Angie Rowntree is the founder and director of, which works to destigmatize adult entertainment. Its extensive collection of films, sex-ed videos, ASMR and erotic audio content make it the premiere destination for sex-positive, ethical porn made from a woman's point of view. 

Top fall sex tips to help make the season spicy

And for the witchy women among us, do be sure to have a look at the sexpert-backed scary-good Halloween sex positions that are bound to make you forget about the bowl of Snickers and Twizzlers. The Zombie Apocalypse is like The Walking Dead, but sexy! 

1. Have a sexy game night

Most of us celebrate the indoor weather by getting cozy with a few games. Rowntree suggests upping the ante with a sexy twist...and perhaps a glass of wine. (Save Scrabble for another night, friends.) 

"Ban all phones and screens and keep it intimate," she said. "You could make a pillow and blanket palace on the floor and get busy right away. Or, if you prefer a little prelude, bring out the wine and snacks and try out some adult board games or dice games to get the foreplay going."

(Speaking of which, have a look at these foreplay tips if you want to keep the sexy spark sizzling throughout the evening.)

2. Invest in a sex pillow

Our backs can be unkind to us after excessive raking. (And those leaves just keep on comin'.) Invest in a sex pillow and look at readers' beloved pillow sex tips that make matters comfy and cozy. 

"Sex pillows are a genius way to experience a wider range of sex positions in an adaptive way that is friendly to everyone," Rowntree noted. 

3. Try sensation play

"Got any plans for that whipped cream, besides the pumpkin pie? Well, you do now," Rowntree said. 

Sensory play has been rising in popularity because it's subjective and the rules are entirely up to you and your partner. There's no right or wrong way to enjoy the sensation, quite literally. 

"It is a broad term used to encompass anything that arouses our five senses. This can be as simple as burning a scented candle, using scented body oil, having a nude romp on satin sheets," Rowntree said. 

Though we're aware you're already partial to autumn (obviously), these spicy tips will help you welcome the season and all of its steamy possibilities. And if you're a planner, take a look at these winter sex tips from the professionals, which keep things so steamy you'll forget it's frigid outside. 

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