New sex survey reveals that July is the friskiest month of the year—here's why

Plus, LoveHoney also uncovered when sexy time is most likely to strike throughout the year

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It looks like after-sex glow will be especially radiant this month. According to a new survey from LoveHoney, people have the most sex in July, which verifies that summer is a scorcher in more ways than one.

Surging temperatures don't seem to faze those in need of a romantic romp, as the top three months for the most sexual activity—in order—are July, August, and June, per the findings.  

"We tend to feel happier and more optimistic when the weather is good and the nights are long," a LoveHoney spokesperson revealed. 

The average number of times we have sex per month

LoveHoney broke down the findings and it seems like all signs point to a sexy summer. Notably, December and February are also top contenders, likely because of the holidays. 

Perhaps the key to surviving the dreaded cold in November and January is a few frisky moments under the sheets when those hygge vibes aren't really cutting it. Just a thought!

Here's how the months break down in terms of sexy time:

  • July: 4 times a week
  • August: 3.7 times a week
  • June: 3.2 times a week
  • May: 3 times a week
  • December: 2.9 times a week
  • February: 2.8 times a week
  • September: 2.7 times a week
  • April: 2.6 times a week
  • October: 2.6 times a week
  • March: 2.5 times a week
  • January: 2.3 times a week
  • November: 2.1 times a week

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Given the current circumstances and our yearning for physical contact, it seems that this July will be particularly hot, so you'll want to make sure you're well hydrated. LoveHoney's spokesperson credits our current environment and anticipation for normalcy as a reason activities are likely to become experimental in the bedroom. 

But regardless of what you're doing, when you're doing it, or even if you're proving the findings wrong, make sure to read up on our orgasm guide so you know just how to reach those pleasure points!

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