How to master winter sex without getting cold, according to sexperts

'Sex during colder months can naturally warm our bodies and help form a deeper sexual connection with you partner'

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Baby, it's cold outside, and the thought of winter sex can seem daunting when temperatures plummet. 

Given that snow is in the forecast and a cold front is on the horizon, we've provided you with the best sex tips from experts for getting frisky when you'd rather be getting cozy. Plus, these suggestions will help do away with experiencing common sex injuries during this time of frost bite. (We kid!)

"Your first instinct in winter is to layer up, not de-layer. However, having sex during colder months can naturally warm our bodies and help form a deeper sexual connection with you partner, too," Charlotte Johnson, a sex expert from MegaPleasure, tells My Imperfect Life. "Likewise, when we are layered up, the thought of seeing your partner naked can make you feel more aroused, creating a sense of curiosity and added heightened emotion."

Curious to know more? Grab a pair of socks.

Meet the expert: Charlotte Johnson

Charlotte Johnson is a sexual wellness expert and marketing manager with the UK brand, MegaPleasure. 

The best winter sex tips, according to sexperts

1. Try fun foreplay ideas

If you're quite literally looking to heat things up in the bedroom, a few playful foreplay ideas will make things feel steamy. 

"It is a good idea to set your scene with warmth and coziness," Johnson says. "For example, candles or a log fire along with lots of blankets and pillows is a great way to intensify a warmer feeling and overcome any cold circumstances."

Remember when the Kardashians were TMI and Kim revealed that she and Pete Davidson did the deed in front of the fireplace, at her grandmother MJ's suggestion? You can copy this advice, but Johnson warns to think about safety and proximity before getting hot and heavy. Make sure you're positioned a safe distance from anything involving flames.

2. Change your environment

Sexologist Marla Renee Stewart, MA, sexpert for Loversis all in favor of a little creativity during the wintertime. 

"Have a campout in your living room or in a different room besides your bedroom," she suggests. "It creates a new environment, something different."

She recommends bundling up under the covers but leaving the heated blankets and weighted blankets behind when you get down to business because you're bound to build up some body heat.

And yes, even though it's cold, she encourages you to take a dip. (Hear her out.)

"Hot tub sex is great in cold climates because you have that balance of warm and cold," she adds. 

Meet the expert: Marla Renee Stewart

Marla is a sexpert at Lovers, sexologist at Velvet Lips and a lecturer in gender and women's studies at Clayton State University. She's also written for a variety of academic publications and presenter at conferences.

3. Experiment with positions

Some of the best sex positions for orgasming involve getting extra close and personal, and the winter is the best time to take advantage of that. 

"Spooning, missionary or the lotus positions all entail both parties to be in close proximity meaning you will both naturally radiate a lot more heat, keeping both of you warmer," Johnson says. 

Jessica Leoni, sex and relationship expert at, votes for "The Love Hug."

"He sits on some pillows on the floor with his knees bent, she lowers herself onto him, sitting upright and with her feet on the floor," Leoni says. "She is able to control the rhythm by pressing up through the balls of her feet. This works because there is less thrusting (therefore less noise) and more bobbing up and down. You’re facing each other and can kiss, which is great for added intimacy."

(Remember: science does say that kissing during sex increases orgasm.) 

Meet the expert: Jessica Leoni

Jessica Leoni is a sex and relationship expert at

4. Wear socks

Despite everything you've been told, wearing socks during sex might actually have its benefits, particularly when the weather's cold. 

"[It] will help regulate the warm temperature in your feet as well as relax the blood vessels which tend to constrict when you’re cold," Johnson says. "It has been suggested that socks can also enhance an orgasm because when blood circulation increases, it can play a part in increasing the chances of an orgasm."

Leoni agrees: "Temperature is often overlooked as an important variable in achieving the strongest orgasms. A Dutch study by scientists at the University of Groningen once showed that women have an almost 30% higher likelihood of achieving orgasm if their feet are warm as opposed to cold."

But if the idea of wearing those fuzzy socks with reindeers and snowflakes isn't high on your priority list, Leoni has an alternative: "Better yet, try a foot massage using heated massage oils to really rev things up."

(Psst: these essential oils help boost sex drives, if you're curious.)

5. Think of your mental health

Yes, the winter blues are real, and you certainly don't want seasonal affective disorder to put a damper on your sex life. Think of what you can gain by shedding layers in the cold.

"[Sex] can help boost your mood and motivation during darker months," Johnson says. "It is common that during wintertime, people can struggle more than often with their mood and motivation due to the fact that we have darker and short days, leading to less motivation. Having sex releases endorphins which can help improve your relationship, boost your mood and motivation for a more productive and joyful winter."

Should you be traveling to tropical locales during this holiday season—or if you just want to be prepared for what's ahead—have a look at what our experts say about the best sex positions for a scorching summer.

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