Add 'Fire Island' with Bowen Yang to your TV lineup this Pride Month

Grab a glass of rosé and cheers to 'Fire Island,' Hulu's buzzy new release

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Grab a glass of rosé and cheers to Fire Island, Hulu's latest binge-worthy movie. 

Just in time for summer and Pride Month 2022 comes a Bowen Yang-led rom-com about the Long Island hotspot for the LGBTQ+ community. With nods to Pride and Prejudice, the film focuses on a group of friends who make the destination their annual vacation. However, managing the crowd and its biases isn't as breezy as an afternoon by the ocean.

“It’s a really tough place to navigate if you’re not a specific mold of a gay person,” Yang told NBC (opens in new tab) while discussing Fire Island. “And yet if you find that corner of the island that is for you and your people, then it’s the best.”

The idea stemmed from his own vacations to the beachside getaway with his real-life best friend, Joel Kim Booster, who wrote the script to the film...and brought a copy of Pride and Prejudice along to his actual vacation. We're anxiously awaiting their interpretation. 

Here's what you need to know about Fire Island. 

'Fire Island': Hulu premiere date

The movie will make its way to Hulu on June 3—Friday night. What better time to indulge in a story about romance, friendship and finding your way? Plus, with hilarious tidbits galore, you might feel as though this is an extension of Yang on SNL.

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'Fire Island' trailer

In the film, the friends—all of whom met while working at a restaurant—spend sunny days on Fire Island with their friend, Erin. But the fun is about to come to an end, as Erin is going to be losing her summer home. 

Naturally, this means taking advantage of the final hoorah. Will Howie (Yang) make his way into the hookup culture the island is famous for? Or will a certain doctor capture his heart?

And not to give away any spoilers, but there is an anticipated scene where Yang performs "Sometimes" by Britney Spears, and we cannot wait to see it. 

"My single favorite thing about the movie is that, at least in terms of my contribution, is that I had to send Andrew and Joel a list of songs that could be potentially cleared for [what] [Howie] sang. The top of my list was 'Sometimes,'" he told People (opens in new tab)

'Fire Island' cast: who's who?

  • Joel Kim Booster as Noah
  • Bowen Yang as Howie
  • Conrad Ricamora as Will
  • Margaret Cho as Erin
  • James Scully as Charlie
  • Matt Rogers as Luke
  • Tomás Matos as Keegan
  • Torian Miller as Max
  • Nick Adams as Cooper
  • Zane Phillips as Dex
  • Michael Graceffa as Rhys
  • Aidan Wharton as Braden
  • Peter Smith as Moses
  • Bradley Gibson as Johnny

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(Image credit: © 20TH CENTURY STUDIOS/Searchlight Pictures)

"I want people—especially gay men, especially queer people—to walk away from the movie happy that they’re gay,” Booster told Vanity Fair (opens in new tab). “I want people to come away from this movie feeling the joy of our experiences and that it’s not all tragic. There are many of us out here living our lives joyfully.”

Do be sure to have a look at the most inspiring facts about Pride Month, too as we celebrate love, equality and acceptance this June. Looks like we'll see you in Fire Island, friends!

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