Gemini Hair is perfect for the indecisive air sign—and anyone else who wants a bold beauty look

An expert stylist weighs in on the 'Gemini Hair' trend and how to safely ace this fierce look

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Gemini Hair is proof that a bit of indecisiveness has its advantages. 

While the air sign might get overwhelmed making a decision, the 2023 hair trend celebrating this member of the zodiac embraces the best of both worlds.  

"It's definitely bold. It's striking and usually a high contrast that catches the eye very well," says Gus Ramirez, a stylist at Live By the Sword Salon in Brooklyn, New York.

If you are toying with the idea of going in an adventurous direction for the new year, allow us to give you the scoop on Gemini hair. Salon visit, anyone?

Meet the expert: Gus Ramirez

Gus is a stylist at Live By the Sword Salon in Brooklyn, New York, and a Bellami Master Stylist. 

What is Gemini Hair?

This two-toned look accentuates natural strands with bold colors (think pinks and purples). Typically, the right side of your hair will be one shade that contrasts with the second hue on the left side. 

Unlike its predecessors, including the cuter-than-it-sounds skunk hair, Gemini hair doesn't hide shades with layers—all colors are visible. (One's on the right, and the other's on the left.)

"I think vibrant hair colors are more accepted as more of a “norm” than they ever have been and people feel free to explore and experiment with edgy looks and bold colors combos," says Charity Grace, Strawberry Leopard Ambassador and Vivid Hair Color Expert for Sally Beauty. "People are beautifully complex and have multiple sides about them so why not your hair as well?"

Meet the expert: Charity Grace

Charity Grace is a Strawberry Leopard Ambassador and Vivid Hair Color Expert for Sally Beauty. She's also the owner and designer of Lost Ocean swim

Tips for attempting Gemini Hair 

1. Head to the professionals

Although you might be tempted to learn how to cut your bangs at home à la Emily Cooper, adding color into the mix complicates things.

"First and foremost, always see a professional when using any type of bleaching product, just to make sure your hair does not become over-processed," Ramirez suggests. "Always use any type of moisture or protein products to maintain the health of the hair that has been bleached."

Additionally, you're going to want to put in some time before you venture over to the salon. 

"Do your research first," warns Desirae Blais, a professional hairstylist and vivid color expert for Sally Beauty. "Make sure your hair can handle being lightened because to achieve a successful Gemini color, your hair will need to be lifted to the lightest level."

The experts at Sally Beauty suggest a product like the new Strawberry Leopard Semi Permanent Conditioning Hair Color, as it has a wide variety of shades but the conditioner-based, semi-permanent hair color line also helps repair and rejuvenate the condition of hair.

Strawberry Leopard Semi Permanent Conditioning Hair Color

Strawberry Leopard Semi Permanent Conditioning Hair Color

A new conditioner-based, semi-permanent hair color line in 22 shades that lasts up to eight weeks.

Meet the expert: Desirae Blais

Desirae Blais is a professional hairstylist and vivid color expert for Sally Beauty and a licensed cosmetologist at Blush Beauty Boutique.

2. Start off gently

"If the Gemini Color trend sounds exciting but makes you a little nervous, try starting with two colors that are in the same family like blue and teal, or pink and red," Grace suggests. "This allows you to have that trendy split color effect and if you end up deciding it’s not for you, it’ll be easier to transition back into one color again."

3. Invest in the right products

Another key is to make sure you're maintaining an effective hair regimen once you leave the salon. Invest in products to protect your strands from heat and new colors.

Ramirez particularly likes the amika line, suggesting the brand's Soulfood Nourishing Hair Mask and The Shield Anti-Humidity Spray.

"A great product to use is heat protection whenever you're using any type of heat and definitely a color-safe shampoo to make sure that the colors do not bleed into one another," he adds.

Additionally, the new Bond Bar collection from Sally Beauty, which includes a primer, booster and recovery, also offers great protection and is specifically targeted for hair recovery. 

amika: soulfood nourishing mask

amika: soulfood nourishing mask

A vegetarian, cruelty-free product that deep conditions the hair to restore strands, reduce split ends, and improve shine and elasticity.

amika: the shield anti-humidity spray

amika: the shield anti-humidity spray

A heat-activated spray that protects against frizz-inducing humidity.

3. Watch the way you wash

"One of the biggest problems with Gemini hair coloring that people see when doing it is that color fades into the other, so a color-safe shampoo will prevent that, as well as using cold water when washing the hair," Ramirez says. 

He suggests the line from Leaf + Flower that focuses on damage control.

Leaf + Flower CBD Instant Damage Correction Shampoo/Conditioner Duo

Leaf + Flower CBD Instant Damage Correction Shampoo/Conditioner Duo

A shampoo and conditioner duo that works to improve manageability, strengthen strands and promote shine. It's color-safe, vegan, plant-based and cruelty-free. 

What do you think? Are you willing to give Gemini Hair a go? Talk to your stylist about the fun and playful look, and do be sure to take a peek at the best Olaplex products if you're particularly concerned about healthy strands. 

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