Good Trouble's Davia and Dennis relationship: what will happen next?

Good Trouble's Davia and Dennis have come a long way. Here's a look at their relationship...

Good Trouble season 3, episode 10
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Much like Mariana and Evan, Good Trouble's Davia and Dennis were a couple we didn't see coming in the early episodes of the hit spin-off of The Fosters. Yet still, their romance feels like the perfect pairing. 

The two characters, played by Emma Hunton and Josh Pence, are part of The Coterie family, where they live with Callie, Mariana, and the rest of the gang. And while there wasn't much to their relationship when we were first introduced to them—they seemed to be living very different lives despite being under the same roof—their dynamic has since blossomed and they've now become one of the most popular romantic storylines on the show. 

Here's everything you need to know about Good Trouble's Davia and Dennis. But first, make sure you know how to watch Good Trouble no matter where you are in the world so you don't miss any of the new episodes now that season 4 has kicked off... 

GOOD TROUBLE - "Palentine's Day" - A group Valentine's party at the Coterie

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Good Trouble's Davia and Dennis' initial relationship

In the first season of Good Trouble, roommates Davia and Dennis are far from close. In fact, they don't seem to have the best relationship with Davia often antagonizing Dennis about his lifestyle—he's always dating girls that are much younger than him and appears to be a failed musician. In one episode, Dennis has a woman who appears to be his own age visit him at The Coterie, to which Davia makes sarcastic remarks at before admitting she's surprised he's slept with someone his own age for once. 

Dennis says he doesn't understand why she's so obsessed with his sex life and tells her to mind her own business. Davia, who has her own situation going on with Jeff, a married man, is taken aback by Dennis' response and the two avoid each other for a while. Later, we learn more about Dennis' backstory which make us understand him a lot more: it turns out the woman visiting him was his ex-wife and mother of his dead child. He was once a family man with a corporate job but the tragedy tore his life apart, hence why he ended up at The Coterie living with a group of young people. 

That evening, Davia and Dennis share a sweet moment as they confide in one another and end up singing a version of “Danny’s Song” together, with Dennis playing the guitar and both of them singing.  

GOOD TROUBLE - "Unfiltered" - Davia's mom comes to town, stirring up old issues.

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Are Davia and Dennis dating?

The two grow even closer when Davia's mother, with who she has a difficult relationship, comes to visit. Davia asks Dennis to join them for dinner and at first, he declines but after realizing that Davia's mum constantly torments her daughter about her weight and body positivity campaign on social media, he shows up at their dinner just before things get too tense between them. During the dinner, Bonnie questions Dennis about his thoughts on plus-sized women and he explains that he supports Davia and that while he hasn't dated a plus-sized woman before, he would. Bonnie isn't convinced, telling them: “People say they’d do a lot of things in theory, but it’s what they do in practice that tells the real truth". When Dennis struggles to respond, Davia gets upset. 

The two later have a heart to heart at home, with Davia opening up about her childhood and growing up with anorexia and a mother who made her feel ugly. He comforts her and the two share a moment. 

Their relationship develops when Dennis struggles with suicidal thoughts and loneliness, which leads him to being checked into a 48-hour psych hold. When he's released Davia becomes his confidant and the two grow closer and closer. Davia later admits to their roommate Alice that she's in love with Dennis. We later find out that he feels the same but is apprehensive about telling her as he is still struggling with grief and his mental health. However, towards the end of season 2, the two finally express their feelings for one another and share a kiss. 

Good Trouble season 3 starts with Davia and Dennis taking their relationship to the next step by sleeping together. They plan to have their first date later that day but Dennis goes missing as Gael prepares his son, Jacob's mural. He later calls Davia and explains that he has left the Coterie and gone to Malibu to deal with his grief. He promises that he won't hurt himself but explains that he can't be the man she needs until he has dealt with his demons and she understands. He promises to stay in touch and the two end the call by telling one another that they love each other. 

What is next for Davia and Dennis?

Things get complicated when Davia meets a nice teacher named Matt, who asks her on a date and she accepts. While it's awkward at first, the two end up getting along really well and as time passes, Davia begins to grow feelings. In episode 9 of season 3, the two share their first kiss and it looks like the beginning of a new romance. Dennis is still away at this point so things are up in the air for them... that is until he returns at the end of the midseason! 

He declares that he is back for good and wants to be with Davia. But at this point, she's dating Matt and doesn't seem ready to forgive him quite yet. She spends the rest of the season going back and forth between the men, but finds it hard to chose the person who is right for her. Eventually, in the season finale, Davia makes a choice between Dennis and Matt, but we don't get to see who she ends up meaning all shall be revealed in season 4. 

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