How to reset and nail what's left of 2021

Because the next few months can make a huge difference...

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2021 has been quite something, to say the least. But things are slowly starting to look up as the world takes leaps in healing from the dreaded "C" word. Restrictions have eased around the world, allowing us to do all the things we've missed the most of the past 18 months, from attending weddings and festivals to dancing the night away in clubs and travelling. 

It finally feels like we can start planning for the future again and with that in mind, we're focusing our energy on resetting our minds to what's left of this year. 

There are plenty of ways to take control of your life to ensure you nail the rest of 2021. From journaling, meditation and other wellness practices, to picking up new skills and hobbies or simply making a more conscious effort to take care of you mental health, now is always as great a time as any to get started. 

So to give you that extra push, we spoke to Spiritual Life Coach  Karin Peeters, from Vitalis Coaching and Therapy, who broke down her key tips on how to get yourself in the best mindset to conquer the rest of 2021... 

1. Don't beat yourself up for not getting as far as you'd hoped

"Trying to bring about change from a place of negative judgment is much more difficult than embracing and loving yourself where you are at, and gently encouraging yourself to try something different," says Karin. "Imagine a dog in its kennel who wants to play outside but has been beaten before. Do you honestly think it'll come out when being shouted at? It's the same with ourselves. When we are scarred from previous experiences, the last thing we need is the voice of an internal bully. We need a kind, nurturing, supportive nudge and before we know it, we forget about having been in a dark place at all."

2. Look at what you did well 

"Measure your 'success' not in external results, but in how you've grown as a person. Maybe you did not finish the decluttering of your home, or managed to take a step up the career ladder," she explains. "But you might have become more kind to yourself and others. Or less argumentative, and more patient. In the end, it's the development of your inner being that matters most."

3. Create a personal mantra for the rest of the year

"Ideally, a mantra is an 'I' statement, formulated in a positive way. For example, if you struggle with feeling that everything is your fault, try something like 'I did my best and my heart has a good intention'. Or if you're single and would love a partner, instead of having your goal as 'dating as many people as possible', why not take a deep breath each morning and whisper to yourself 'I am good enough' or 'I, like everyone else, am worthy of love'. Other great ones are 'I dare to speak my truth', or if you want to lose weight, instead of criticizing your looks, use the mantra 'My body is sacred'."

4. Remember your why

"In order to start and to persist, especially when the going gets tough, you need to remind yourself of your deeper reason for doing it," says Peeters.

5. Break down your goal down into smaller steps

"We easily feel overwhelmed and discouraged if our aim feels too far out of reach. It's good to dream big," she admits. "But make it easier for yourself by defining milestones along the way. Celebrating these small achievements will increase your confidence and it keeps the journey joyous." 

Now let's make what's left of 2021 as good it can be...

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