How to vote for 'Love Island' USA contestants on season 5

Play matchmaker from the comfort of your couch while the contestants are navigating the field...and the chaos!

Love Island USA season 5 cast participating in a challenge at the villa
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The journey's well underway, so it's time to learn how to vote for Love Island USA season 5. You want a say in what goes down in the villa, don't you?

If you're looking to play matchmaker from the comfort of the couch, we'll fill you in on everything you need to know. Look out islanders and bombshells: we're prepared to dish out our expertise with just a few clicks.  

How to vote for 'Love Island' USA season 5 contestants:

Peacock did warn us that the Love Island USA cast would have some challenges this season. 

"Throughout their stay in a tropical oasis, Islanders will couple up to face brand new heart-racing challenges and bigger twists and turns than ever before," the show's synopsis read. "Islanders will also be at the mercy of viewers at home who will vote to determine who gets another shot at love and who leaves the villa heartbroken and empty-handed."

That's where we, the faithful viewers, come in handy. 

Download the 'Love Island USA' App

In order to see the singles you'd like to pair up accordingly, you're going to have to download the Love Island USA app, which is available via Apple and Google Play

Then, it's relatively simple: you'll have to head to the "vote" section to select the pair you're most passionate about seeing win the competition (and making it in the real world, of course). Make sure to pay attention to the allotted timeframe, as you won't be able to cast your vote when the window closes. 

How do you do that? Well, as you're aware, Love Island is a lengthy commitment, regardless of location, so check out when to watch Love Island USA so you can set aside the proper TV time. (And if you're feeling particularly inspired by the villa's lush accommodations, here is where Love Island USA was filmed if you want to book a tropical getaway.) 

How long do voting periods last?

Time is of the essence—for islanders and viewers. Typically, at the end of each episode, the voting window will open around 10:30pm and last about two hours, so you have to act quickly if you want to make your voice known. 

Pay attention to the show's social media handles to see all of the voting updates.

Judging from what's taking place this season, you're definitely going to want to have a say in how things unfold. Not only was host Sarah Hyland called "disrespectful" from a contestant, but discrepancies are happening left and right, and the franchise's first-ever same-sex coupling has been applauded. 

Narrator Iain Stirling told RadioTimes  that he feels the pressure to deliver. Thus far this season, it seems he's succeeding. 

"I do feel a genuine responsibility to the audience because it's got such a following and people sort of structure their summers around it," he told the outlet. "It sounds a bit extreme, but it's become the sort of thing you do - a little talking point for when you get to the office the next day or when you go to school, college, or whatever it is you're doing so that's where the pressure comes."

Are you really going to be the only one to miss out? Happy voting, friends! We'll catch you at the villa.

Love Island USA season 5 is currently streaming on Peacock.

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