How to watch 'Love Island USA' season 5 no matter where you are

Things are getting hot in the villa! Here's how to watch 'Love Island USA' season 5 to spice up your summer!

How to watch Love Island USA season 5
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In the event temperatures aren't hot enough for you, here's how to watch Love Island USA season 5, which will certainly turn up the heat in no time. 

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Time and date:Tuesday, July 18
Stream: Peacock
Watch anywhere: Stream from anywhere with ExpressVPN

How to watch 'Love Island USA' season 5 from anywhere

How to watch 'Love Island USA' in the US

The adventure begins on Tuesday, July 18, exclusively on Peacock. According to reports, Love Island USA has earned the title of Peacock's most-streamed original reality competition series to date. Needless to say, they'll surely up the ante this time around. 

Current Peacock subscription plans the ad-supported Premium option for $4.99 per month or the commercial-free Premium Plus option for $9.99 monthly. 

How to watch 'Love Island USA' in the UK & beyond

No matter your location, you can access the romantic adventures in the villa via VPN. This will allow your device of choice to change its IP address, in turn, changing your location so that you can browse anonymously.

Our go-to is Express VPN, the top-rated product from our sister site, TechRadar. You can try it risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Plus, your activity is secure, data is private and help is available whenever you need it, 24/7. 

Here's how to get started with a VPN, so you can watch Love Island USA from anywhere in the world:

  1. Sign up for a Peacock account so that you can log in once your VPN is set up.
  2. Download ExpressVPN with its easy-to-follow instructions.
  3. Open the app once your VPN has been installed and select your server location to anywhere in the U.S.
  4. Log onto Peacock, with your VPN on and set to the U.S., and follow the instructions to stream Love Island USA. (Should you encounter any issues while using the VPN, remember to delete the cookies from your device or switch to a new server.)

Watch the 'Love Island USA' season 5 trailer

Don't let the accent fool you—this is very much the trailer for Love Island USA season 5. Once more, the islanders-to-be are headed to Fiji to find love, but we just meet them in the "Love Island USA headquarters."

Who is hosting 'Love Island USA' season 5?

Modern Family's Sarah Hyland stepped in for Arielle Vandenberg during season 4, and she'll continue hosting duties for the new adventure.

Hyland revealed to People in 2022 that she was looking forward to helping each contestant on their journey.

“I’m really excited to get to know them in a more personal way than just a host figure," she told the publication. "I think it’s really important to be able to share and connect with other humans. And if I’m able to help in any way for people to open up more than they normally would, I am all there for that."

Who are the 'Love Island USA' season 5 contestants?

We've been introduced to a slew of young singles from across the USA looking for love. There are recent grads, nurses, and even a Jason Momoa lookalike! Things are definitely not going to be boring with these adventurous daters. 

Have a look at who's hitting the Fiji villa below!

What to expect from 'Love Island' USA season 5

The stakes are higher than before, according to the show's description. 

"Temptations will rise and drama will ensue as new 'bombshells' arrive throughout the season, forcing Islanders to decide if they want to remain with their current partners or recouple with someone new," the show's description reads. "Islanders will also be at the mercy of viewers at home who will vote to determine who gets another shot at love and who leaves the villa heartbroken and empty-handed."

Oh, and about that surprise Ariana Madix Love Island cameo? It's happening. (She'll be a surprise guest during week two.) Just like Margot Robbie, she's another famous face who's obsessed with Love Island. (Who doesn't appreciate the Barbie/Love Island crossover?!)

What to watch in the meantime

We have some time before the romantic pursuit begins, but if you're looking to fill your screen time with more drama, you're in luck. We'll tell you how to watch Love Island France, even if you're far removed from the City of Love (and though the season has wrapped). Plus, Love Island UK season 10 is currently underway, and it's the OG, so you have to tune in. 

So, which villa are you headed to? All of them? Same here!

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