How to watch In the Heights, the biggest movie of the summer, at home

The Lin Manuel-Miranda musical gets the movie treatment—here's how to watch In the Heights at home

How to watch In The Heights HBO Max
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Time to hop on the 1 and head uptown: In the Heights, HBO Max's highly anticipated summer release, is guaranteed to make the season all the more exciting. 

The brainchild of Golden Globe nominee Lin-Manuel Miranda and Crazy Rich Asian's Jon M. Chu, this musical-turned-movie provides an escape we're all longing for—a "sueñito" we'll gladly lose ourselves in for two hours. 

So get ready to fall in love with Anthony Ramos & co. and find out how to watch In the Heights from the comfort of your own abode via our handy guide below. 

How to watch In the Heights

The film (rated PG-13, so you can bring the fam!) will premiere on HBO Max on Thursday, June 10th. Subscribers who've opted for the $14.99/month plan are able to access Warner Bros. movie premieres on the same day as their theatrical release. (Alas, if you've got the HBO Max cheaper subscription plan, you'll have to up to the regular membership if you want to stream new flicks the same day.) 

Additionally, In the Heights will also premiere in theaters beginning on June 10th.  Those who are dipping their toes back in the theater scene will be pleased to know that viewers can opt for private screenings or reserve show tickets depending on their COVID comfort level. 

Watch In The Heights trailer 2021:

What is In the Heights about?

Based on Lin-Manuel Miranda's Broadway sensation, this movie musical captures the sense of community and passion in Washington Heights, a primarily Hispanic neighborhood in upper Manhattan. 

Like the play, the movie follows a bodega owner Usnavi de la Vega (Anthony Ramos), who is attempting to square away his finances so he can return to the Dominican Republic. We also meet friends in his social group including Nina (Leslie Grace), who completed her freshman year at Standford University, and Vanessa, Usnavi's love interest with an eye for design and style. All of their stories unfold as they reunite in the uptown neighborhood during a scorching-hot New York summer (a familiar feeling for many of us). 

As we are about to head into summer 2021 and a somewhat more "normal" lifestyle (whatever that is), director Jon M. Chu calls In the Heights "a vaccine for the soul."

in the heights

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Meet the star of the In the Heights cast

Allow us to introduce you to your new onscreen crush, Anthony Ramos. 

This certainly isn't the first time the actor has made a movie appearance. You've likely already caught him in films such as A Star is Born, Monsters and Men, and Honest Thief, among others. However, theater fanatics will instantly recognize him from Hamilton, Lin Manuel-Miranda's behemoth hit that brought him to the forefront of the Broadway scene.

Excited to star in a role that spotlights an ethnic community, Anthony tells The New York Times: "We need movies that are telling real and honest stories in a raw way that are hard for people to watch. But also, like, we need to feel happy. There’s also joy. That’s like a thing that exists.”

But the lead who's grabbing headlines for his "irresistibly likable, instantly star-making performance," according to Roger Ebert, almost didn't get the role. Reports Variety, Ramos had already booked another gig that conflicted with In the Heights, but director Jon Chu made it happen. He apparently texted the 29-year-old actor: "Hold. Let me get the suits to move.” Luckily for all of us, they did!

We don't know where you'll be on June 10th, but we'll be uptown. 

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