Is 'Selling Cabo' Netflix's next venture for The Oppenheim Group?

Are we getting a 'Selling Cabo' on Netflix? Here's everything we know so far about those Mexico-set spinoff rumors

Selling the OC. (L to R) Alex Hall, Tyler Stanaland, Austin Victoria in episode 205 of Selling the OC
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Yes, we've already fast-forwarded to Selling Cabo. Netflix released Selling the OC season 2 on Friday, September 8, but since the O Group is expanding its horizons into a neighboring country, we can't help but wonder what's next for the brokerage. 

In terms of drama, our cup runneth over thanks to the Newport Beach office's antics: Polly Brindle and Alex Jarvis' fight, Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland's quasi romance, etc. But with a new office, will there be a new cast, a new country and new turmoil?! Here's everything we know about those spinoff rumors. 

Is 'Selling Cabo' Netflix's next reality TV show?

At the time of publication, there hasn't been any official word that Selling Cabo is in the works at Netflix, despite the ever-growing brokerage and TV franchise. (Selling the OC is a spinoff of Selling Sunset, in case you didn't know.) However, that doesn't mean we're not crossing our fingers for a Cabo-set spinoff. 

In 2022, Jason Oppenheim revealed to My Imperfect Life that he's always looking to expand the real estate firm, so it seems nothing is out of the realm of possibilities. 

"In terms of the Oppenheim Group, I'm always open to another office that might be in the cards but basically slow, steady growth," he said. "I think the main thing is just for every agent to be more productive than the year before. I judge the company based on the success of my agents."

Currently, there are three agents working onsite at the Cabo office, according to the O Group website. Agents from the LA and OC offices are also responsible for selling homes in Cabo—you might recall that Austin Victoria was ready to uproot his family to Mexico to make his mark there—so it's possible we'll hear more about the O Group's growth in Selling the OC season 3

Considering there's currently such a small staff in Cabo, it's probably unlikely—at least for now—that there will be a spinoff. If anything, we'd bank on the San Diego office getting time in the spotlight before the new Cabo digs. 

That being said, there's still plenty of excitement surrounding the brokerage's latest venture, particularly when it comes to that $1 billion listing. Oppenheim revealed that California natives are not only interested in buying luxury pads in their home state, but they're eyeing Cabo in particular, which reached the $400-500 million mark in sales in 2020. 

"This year [2022] they’re on pace for over $2 billion in sales," he noted when he brought his staff to the Mexican hotspot. 

Should any news develop, we'll of course keep you posted, but in the meantime, it looks like we'll get lost in the chaos of Orange County. Trust us when we say there's plenty to keep us busy. And, with hope, Selling Sunset season 7 will hit our screens before the year comes to a close. 

It's the O Group's very luxurious world, we just happen to be living in it!

Selling the OC season 2 is now available to stream on Netflix.

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