'Who Killed Sara?' season 3: trailer, cast and everything else you need to know

Missing 'Who Killed Sara?' Season 3 is just around the corner—we'll fill you in on what you need to know about the Netflix hit

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If you're curious about Who Killed Sara? season 3 (¿Quién Mató a Sara? in Spanish), you've come to the right place. 

It's not entirely clear what happened to Sara Guzmán—or what she was masking underneath that facade—but we're certainly dying to find out in the upcoming third season. The crime drama has us completely engrossed, and we're channeling our inner detective (so many theories!), especially now that we have a release date.

Who Killed Sara? premiered back in late March 2021 and after an explosive ending (we've got the cheat sheet for the Who Killed Sara? season 1 ending if you need a reminder), it was quickly followed up with season two in mid-May (yes, with another cliffhanger finale).

The killer (no pun intended) Who Killed Sara? cast helped make the Mexican show a hit, with an estimated 55 million viewers tuning in since it first premiered—which is why we're so excited for season 2...

When is the 'Who Killed Sara?' season 3 release date?

Netflix has officially confirmed Who Killed Sara? will return on Wednesday, May 18—so set your reminders! We're very happy to know there will be more drama following that Who Killed Sara? season 2 ending, especially to wrap up some of those loose ends and answer all of our questions. 

Watch the 'Who Killed Sara?' season 3 trailer:

What will happen in 'Who Killed Sara?' season 3?

We finished off the second season with not one but two people revealing themselves as Sara's killers, so our guess is that season three of Who Killed Sara? will explore the true author(s) of the crime. 

Some wild fan theories are even suggesting that Sara could still be alive (à la Cesar) but we think the storyline will likely focus on Nicandro and his shady business with the doctor. 

But if you were hoping the cast would spill any secrets, think again. Carolina Miranda (Elisa) told Esquire not even her mother has privileges. "Everybody tells me, at a party, like we are drinking and when they see that I'm having fun, it's like, 'Oh, by the way—who killed Sara?'"

"And it's like, come on, I can't say anything. My mother would say to me too. Like, 'I'm your mother. You need to tell me because I'm your mother.[Laughs].'No, mother, come on, it's my work!'"

Who is in the 'Who Killed Sara?' season 3 cast?

Season three will see the return of all of the show's main stars, including Manolo Cardona (as Alex), Ximena Lamadrid (Sara), Alejandro Nones (Rodolfo Lazcano), Ginés García Millán (César), Claudia Ramírez (Mariana Lazcano), Carolina Miranda ( Elisa Lazcano), Eugenio Siller (José María Lazcano), Marifer (Litzy), and Matías Novoa (Nicandro).

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