Who plays Kerry, 'Succession's shady assistant turned wannabe ATN anchor?

She's Logan's self-proclaimed 'friend, assistant and advisor,' but who plays Kerry on 'Succession'? Let's get to know the actress

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In a cast of shifty characters, Kerry, Succession's shrewd executive assistant, stands out—which is truly an accomplishment given that she hangs out with Logan Roy most hours of the day. 

Kerry Castellabate was introduced as a Succession character in season two of the HBO hit, but her role as Logan's assistant has gotten more confusing and complicated as the years have gone on. By Succession season 4—which premiered on Sunday, March 26 on HBO and HBO Max—Kerry's job title has expanded to include "friend, assistant and advisor" of the Waystar Royco CEO, not to mention wannabe ATN news anchor. (That audition reel was so deliciously awkward, we had to mute the TV.) 

 But who is the actress behind the cold and calculated role? Let's get to know Zoe Winters. 

Who plays Kerry, 'Succession's shady assistant?

Succession's Kerry Castellabate is played by California native Zoe Winters who, along with the rest of the show's cast, received a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series in 2022.

Of her character, Winters said to The Hollywood Reporter: "When I first auditioned, Kerry had these lines in season two to Shiv… it was a very small part, but [the lines] were around delivering some news. But I did it with a lot of attitude. The way I would approach being an assistant would be to do the job and not get in the way. So I wanted to choose a version that isn’t that. What if she’s an assistant who decides to get in the way?"

"I think she’s always had political motivations. I didn’t find it surprising that she’d want to be a political commentator," the actress told the outlet about Kerry's anchor aspirations. "I think Kerry is hugely ambitious. I think what she wants, more than money, more than anything, is power. There’s this huge sale going on of WayStar, but they’ve done this carve out of ATN. What she’s been promised is this position. I think the audition was just a formality, in her opinion. She wants a voice during this crucial and seminal election. She wants a platform on the international stage while this highly contested election is happening. She thinks it will bring her a lot of power. She’s always had those leanings and ambitions.

Fans react to Kerry's audition tape on 'Succession'

As we said, Kerry's anchor audition was all sorts of cringe, and fans immediately took to social media to discuss the hilariously awkward tape. 

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Zoe Winters movies and TV shows

Along with Succession, audiences might recognize Zoe Winters from TV series like The Good Fight, Hunters, Madame Secretary and Flatbush Misdemeanors, among others. 

Zoe Winters age: how old is she?

Born in Santa Cruz, California, on February 20, 1985, Zoe Winters is currently 38 years old. 

Zoe Winters Instagram: what is her handle?

Winters can be found on Instagram at the handle @iamzoewinters, where she shares behind-the-scenes snaps with her Succession buddies, her political activism, her theater work and more.

Catch Zoe Winters as Kerry on Succession season 4, which airs on Sundays at 9pm ET on HBO and is available to stream on  HBO Max.

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