Which 'Succession' character are you based on your star sign?

Are you a Roman, a Shiv or a Tom? Here's which 'Succession' character you're most like, based on your zodiac

Which Succession character are you? Pictured: Kieran Culkin, Matthew Macfadyen, Fisher Stevens, Nicholas Braun, Sarah Snook, Dagmara Dominczyk HBO Succession Season 4 - Episode 6
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When it comes to Succession characters, are you ruthless like Logan, scheming like Shiv, or capable AF like Gerri? 

The Roy family and all of their Waystar Royco cohorts are very dysfunctional, occupied with corporate backstabbing, power-hungry plots and warped family dynamics, but through it all, they're often a funny, entertaining bunch. (Sadly, Succession season 4 will be the Emmy-winning series' last, with the Succession finale episode airing on Sunday, May 28. How will Succession end? We have theories!)

If you're wondering which member of this media-mogul family you're most like, let's look to the stars!

Which 'Succession' character are you based on your star sign?

Kieran Culkin HBO Succession Season 4 - Episode 9

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1. Aries: Roman Roy

Aries is the infant of the zodiac, meaning that this sign can be immature and impulsive acting on a childish whim. Only Roman Roy could embody the Aries qualities best. Both Aries and Roman lack focus as both are always trying to go for the quickest route. Similar to the Mars-ruled Aries, Roman can also be short-tempered, from bickering with his siblings to even physically fighting with Kendall. And like Aries, Roman can be ruthless with his corporate conquests! 

2. Taurus: Gerri Kellman

At first, Gerri’s position is more of a middleman in Waystar Royco, which is perfect for a fixed sign like Taurus. Similar to Taurus, Gerri remains indisputably committed to her role as a general counsel to Logan. Although she may disdain corporate life, she remains loyal to Logan and the Roy family, especially Roman. Her earthy nature is just like Taurus as Gerri is stable, preserving, and responsible—perfect for taking over when CEO Logan Roy needs her, too. 

3. Gemini: Greg Hirsch

Geminis tend to be funny, witty, and talkative—much like Greg! Greg’s Gemini personality shines in his quirky moments with fellow characters. He tends to catch himself in unpredictable yet hilarious situations, even at the beginning, when he is pictured throwing up through his fursuit’s eyes. Just like Gemini, Greg finds himself in interesting, almost unreal, situations like getting in the middle of everyone’s company drama. No matter what, Greg makes light of his situation by playing along, 

Sarah Snook HBO Succession Season 4 - Episode 6

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4. Cancer: Siobhan "Shiv" Roy

Like Shiv, Cancer is also dedicated to keeping it in the family by whatever means necessary. Both Cancer and Shiv tend to be the underdogs of leaders, which they use to their advantage. Shiv’s Cancerian qualities shine through when she emotionally manipulates her situation with Nate, her family, and her fiancé to move up in corporate rank. Plus, only a Cancer like Shiv and a Capricorn like Logan can rule the corporate world the way they do. 

5. Leo: Marcia Roy

Beautiful and devoted, Marcia Roy comes across like a Leo in success. Like Leo, she tends to be incredibly devoted to her husband, Logan Roy. Marcia is genuine in her relationship, despite the 15-year age gap between them (along with his kids disliking her). No matter what, Marcia stands by Logan’s side, which makes them come across as a power couple—until he cheats on her. Then her inner Lioness is fully unleashed in season two!

6. Virgo: Kendall Roy

Even from the first episode, Kendall Roy gives off strong Virgo vibes, as he is depicted as always working or being a slightly nervous wreck. Virgo is methodical and typically has a sense of dry humor, which applies to how Kendall calls the shot at work. He is constantly seen running to pick up phone calls or to attend to business, which hopefully plays into his desire to one day inherit his dad’s company thanks to his hard work. 

Matthew Macfadyen HBO Succession Season 4 - Episode 6

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7.  Libra: Tom Wambsgans 

Libra knows how to play nice in business, which is why Tom Wambsgans fits this air sign best. As Tom appears to be genial and peaceful, he is actually strategically using his resources (i.e. Greg) to his advantage. His actions radiate Libra energy because, like Libra, Tom will call the shots without making a huge wave to get there. Not to mention that it is quite strategic to use his relationship with Shiv to his advantage. 

8. Scorpio: Caroline Collingwood 

Mysterious yet powerful, Caroline Collingwood comes across as a magnetic Scorpio. Both Scorpio and Caroline have a fondness for power, so marrying (then divorcing) someone like Logan Roy would only make sense to move up financially and socially. Caroline’s Scorpionic qualities extend past merged assets as she is famously remarked for her dark sense of humor and sharpness. Caroline’s Scorpio qualities are calculated as everything she does throughout the show is premeditated to her advantage.

9. Sagittarius: Connor Roy

As Sagittarius is associated with the Ninth House of travel, worldly experiences, and debates, it amplifies all the qualities that Connor Roy has. Connor is a bit more removed from the Roy family as he’s more interested in an easygoing ranch lifestyle and his political career. Connor exudes Sagittarius’s worldly taste even from the beginning when he introduces the sourdough starter from Scotland. Later on, Connor announces his plans to become the next President, which screams Jupiterian grandiosity! 

Brian Cox HBO Succession Season 4 - Episode 2

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10. Capricorn: Logan Roy

Capricorns are associated with a well-known public status, enterprise, and foundation—just like Logan Roy! Logan is the CEO of Waystar Royco, which already screams “Capricorn.” Both Logan and Capricorn can agree to be the patriarchal figure of not only their family but also their careers. Despite all odds, Logan manages to survive a few health crises and even a dramatic debt, which could be attributed to the Saturnian mentality to work through any obstacle. 

11. Aquarius: Lukas Mattson

 When it comes to one of the most powerful—and terrifying—characters in Succession, there is none other than Lukas Matsson. Due to his brilliant mind and knowledge of technology and negotiation, he aligns with the zodiac sign of Aquarius. Aquarians are one of the most intelligent zodiac signs, as they embody the Air element and the Fixed sign modality. This makes them heavy hitters who know how to break down any plan into components to plot their way to victory. Aquarians are also the most social of all zodiac signs, able to get into people’s minds and persuade them to get on their side and join their cause. Lukas Matsson carries these traits in spades, except that he uses his influence in manipulative ways. His Aquarian attributes allow him to easily outwit others, which is what makes him such an effective villain.

12. Pisces: Rava Roy

Pisces tends to love unconditionally, which is similar to Rava Roy. Rava dips and dodges the limelight, similar to the elusive Pisces. However, Rava and Kendall have a beautiful love story that ends in estrangement. It’s difficult as Rava is often in the middle of the messy Roy family drama. Although she tries to stay out of it, the boundaries are blurred. So, like Pisces, Rava’s boundaries disappear because of her love for her kids and Kendall. 

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