When does 'Succession' season 4 start? Everything we know about the new season

We've got all the intel on 'Succession' season 4—here's what those ruthless Roys will be getting up to next

Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook, Kieran Culkin HBO Succession Season 4
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*Cue the theme music* Succession season 4 is back, and the Roys are—deliciously— worse than ever. 

The third season of Succession left off with major familial betrayal, financial scheming and fresh pasta, all of which have only made us even hungrier for intel about the fourth season of the HBO hit. 

But thankfully the wait is almost over, as we'll soon find out what's going on with our favorite Succession characters, from Roman and Gerri to Tom and Shiv and the rest of the WayStar Royco universe (or is it Waystar-GoJo now?) when season 4 premieres in March 2023. 

From Succession filming locations (more European antics!) to plot details to clues hidden in this season's official promo poster, here's everything we know about Succession season 4. Because we hear for you.

'Succession' season 4: everything we know

First, the basics, a.k.a. the official HBO synopsis of Succession season 4: "The sale of media conglomerate Waystar Royco to tech visionary Lukas Matsson moves ever closer. The prospect of this seismic sale provokes existential angst and familial division among the Roys as they anticipate what their lives will look like once the deal is completed. A power struggle ensues as the family weighs up a future where their cultural and political weight is severely curtailed."

Thus, it's fitting that we'll be seeing much more of Lukas Matsson (played by Alexander Skarsgård) come season 4, including his homeland of Norway. 

"We were really excited when Alexander came onboard—he’s a wonderful actor. And from the beginning, [showrunner Jesse Armstrong’s] idea was that the tech company was going to be led by someone from a Scandinavian country," producer Scott Ferguson told Variety. "In the writer’s room, around February, Jesse had an idea for an episode they wanted to be in [Matsson’s] part of the world." 

Ferguson also revealed that cast members Nicholas Braun and Sarah Snook (who portray Cousin Greg and Sioban Roy, respectively) joined Skarsgård in filming in western Norway. Are they going with GoJo? We'll have to watch to find out!

When does 'Succession' season 4 start?

Catch up with Kendall, Roman, Siobhan, Connor, Logan and the entire messy Roy clan when Succession season 4 premieres on HBO and HBO Max on Sunday, March 26. British fans, take note: the fourth season will air weekly on Sky Atlantic with NOW from Monday, March 27. 

That drama-filled finale of Succession season 3 aired in December 2021 and production for the fourth season began six months later, with the show's official Instagram handle posting a picture to kick-off filming on June 27, 2022.

What clues are in the 'Succession' season 4 poster?

Key Art HBO Succession Season 4

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Eagle-eyed Succession fans have always looked to the show's official promotional posters for Easter eggs on that given season, including which way a character's allegiance will swing. Example: Logan (Brian Cox) and Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) are wearing matching suits in season 4's key art, which, if you remember what happened in that shocking third-season finale, suggests that the unlikely duo is still in cahoots. 

Call 'em conspiracy theories, sure, but star Sarah Snook said there's merit in looking closely at the promo posters each season. While on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, March 21, the TV host asked the actress about the poster: "Are there Easter eggs in it? "I mean a little, yeah. There is! But I feel like you won't know until you know...there is a thing that once the season begins airing, it may get related back to this moment."

What happened at the 'Succession' season 4 premiere?

So much happened at the Succession season 4 premiere, which took place in New York City on Monday, March 20. There was a Ferris Bueller reunion (between Connor Roy actor Alan Ruck and Matthew Broderick). There was a baby-bump reveal by a glowing Sarah Snook. There was an instantly iconic cast dance party to Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" right on the red carpet. 

And, this being Succession, there was a very Logan Roy outburst by leading man Brian Cox, who reportedly yelled at photographers, though it's unclear even to his fellow cast whether the actor was joking or not. “That’s Brian screaming,” said co-star Fisher Stevens during a red-carpet interview with Deadline. “He’s having a good time. He’s enjoying his final premiere of the show. Sorry, that was interesting. I wonder who he’s screaming at?...he’s not serious. He’s not real. He’s having fun. He’s Logan! He can do whatever the f*** he wants.”

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How many episodes in 'Succession' season 4?

As with the first two seasons, Succession season 4 will consist of 10 hourlong episodes. (Season 3 only had nine episodes, but still managed to pack in plenty of drama.) 

Watch the 'Succession' season 4 trailer:

How do we feel about the official trailer that HBO dropped on Thursday, March 2? In the forever awkward words of Tom Wambsgans: "That's heartening...I'm heartened by that." 

Who is in the cast of 'Succession' season 4?

Succession boasts a huge and hugely talented cast—it broke the record for the most acting nominations in a single year, with 14 in 2022 and Jeremy Strong and Matthew Macfadyen winning in their categories—the majority of whom will happily be returning for season 4. 

Here are the actors who have been confirmed by HBO for the fourth season:

  • Brian Cox (Logan Roy)
  • Jeremy Strong (Kendall Roy)
  • Sarah Snook (Shiv Roy)
  • Kieran Culkin (Roman Roy)
  • Alan Ruck (Connor Roy)
  • Matthew Macfadyen (Tom Wambsgans)
  • Nicholas Braun (Greg Hirsch)
  • J. Smith-Cameron (Gerri Kellman)
  • Alexander Skarsgård (Lukas Matsson)
  • Justine Lupe (Willa Ferreyra)
  • Arian Moayed (Stewy Hosseini)
  • Peter Friedman (Frank Vernon)
  • David Rasche (Karl Muller)
  • Dagmara Domińczyk (Karolina Novotney)
  • Zoë Winters (Kerry)
  • Fisher Stevens (Hugo Baker)
  • Hiam Abbass (Marcia Roy)
  • Scott Nicholson (Colin)
  • Jeannie Berlin (Cyd Peach)
  • Hope Davis (Sandi Furness)
  • Cherry Jones (Nan Pierce)
  • Juliana Canfield (Jess Jordan)
  • Annabelle Dexter-Jones (Naomi Pierce)
  • Justin Kirk (Congressman Jeryd Mencken)
  • Stephen Root (Ron Petkus)

Catch Succession season 4, premiering on HBO and HBO Max on Sunday, March 26.

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