Love is Blind: Lauren and Cameron's marriage is proof that the show can actually work

See what the unconventional show's success story has been up to since their nuptials

Love Is Blind Lauren and Cameron
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Love is Blind's, Lauren and Cameron's unconventional road to happiness is paying off. While the premise of the Netflix dating show seems disastrous, Lauren and Cameron's story is proof that the show can ACTUALLY work, after all, it has resulted in two years of marital bliss for the couple. 

Now that the series' spinoff, After the Altar, is set to premiere in a few short weeks, everyone wants to catch up with their favorite success story. Let's see what the duo has been up to.

Love is Blind: Lauren and Cameron's story-turned-book

It's true: love is blind, according to Lauren and Cameron. They ended up forming a romantic connection—resulting in an engagement—without having laid eyes on one another. In response to their success on an experimental dating show, the couple has penned a book, Leaping Faith: Finding Love the Modern Way, to provide readers with relationship tips and an insider look at their time in the pods.

In one of many Instagram posts about the June 2021 release, Lauren wrote, "We ALL have opportunities to take #LeapsOfFaith in our lives and I’m happy to share some of the amazing life-changing gems I’ve learned along my way that will hopefully help or inspire you." 

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Lauren and Cameron are now homeowners 

Documenting their journey on social media, Lauren has shared that the two are ready to move into a new abode. Better start planning those DIY projects, guys.

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The couple has Monday-morning meetings...

Forget Zoom meetings with your boss—Lauren and Cameron schedule Monday-morning meetings with one another to discuss their goals for the week as well as long-term plans, according to their book. Talk about staying on top of things. We appreciate this might not work for every couple, but we applaud the efficiency. 

...likely where they discuss their joint YouTube channel

Hangin' With The Hamiltons has a little bit of everything—anecdotes, cooking, dog cameos. It also tackles heavier issues such as interracial marriage.

Lauren and Cameron are feeling the pressure, too

It's not ALL roses, according to an interview with Essence (opens in new tab), the couple is constantly asked about the future and where children fit into their plans. They both want to honor their own timelines and do what's right for their marriage before adhering to anyone else's rulebook. 

In response to questions about the pressure, Cameron told Essence, "It's unfortunate because I know other couples are met with that same sort of pressure, and there are couples out there that can't get pregnant or don't want to."

Lauren and Cameron are the leaders of the pack

Love is Blind: After the Altar, will be a three-episode series that reunites the contestants in Atlanta, where the show took place several years ago. Although the drama is in store for some—Damian and Giannina's fate is still TBD—it appears all is well for Lauren and Cam. We'll even go so far as to say that they're the star students. 

In the trailer for the special, we hear Cameron say, "When we get the group together, it's always a fun time." 

Lauren—perhaps more pragmatic—replies, "I hope so!" 

We're anxious to see how everything unfolds on July 28! Will you be tuning in?

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