Sexy Beasts, the Netflix dating show with masks, is completely bonkers

Just one look at the Sexy Beasts Netflix trailer will leave you asking "WTF?!"

A film still from Sexy Beasts Netflix dating show which depicts the 'mouse' in a bright pink jacket sitting at a bar
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Sexy Beasts, the Netflix dating show with masks and animal-like prosthetics, puts an entirely new twist on the blind date concept. It's not every day we encounter the courtship between a panda bear and a bull or a manatee and a scarecrow, but the wonky experiment is certainly giving reality TV favorites like Love Island and Too Hot To Handle a run for their money. After all, we're all curious about what's happening underneath that ridiculous garb.

The whole premise of the series, a British transplant, is to explore whether or not people can fall in love based on personality alone. As an aside, should you care about a show that literally flips this on its head—and is based solely on finding a date based on looks alone—you'll want to give Naked Attraction a watch. Fair warning though, it's not for prudes. But back to Sexy Beasts, is a spark really possible when you have no idea what the person looks like? Sure said manatee and scarecrow might get along swimmingly (see what we did there?) but what happens when the makeup is wiped off? 

Catch the Sexy Beasts Netflix trailer below:

What is the new Netflix dating show about?

Those in search of love will don a ridiculous outfit and meet three dates, all of whom will also be dressed as some sort of animal or character. Watching a couple get to know one another over drinks or bowling is a lot more entertaining when they look completely ridiculous! (Just our thought.) 

The main contestant won't see his or her selection out of costume—and vice versa—until they've selected their match. "Catastrophe" actor and comedian Rob Delaney will do the hosting honors.

Be sure to catch the fun on July 21!

Sexy Beasts on Netflix

(Image credit: Netflix)

In a statement to Variety, show creator Simon Welton said: "Making Sexy Beasts for Netflix has been an incredibly exciting process. With an international cast featuring some truly brilliant characters, a host of prosthetics that look extraordinary in 4K, and with Rob Delaney narrating, the viewers are in for a real treat. I hope the show puts a smile on peoples’ faces as they play along to discover who’ll fall in love with who, and what our cast all really look like."

TV fans have unsurprisingly had plenty to say about the bizarre new series on social media. One person tweeted: "Oh no why will I watch this." Another wrote: "The new dating show Sexy Beasts looks like a hot mess smothered in crazy. But, this moment from the trailer is what sold me," along with a screengrab of a beaver saying "Ass first, personality second." 

Another Twitter user summed it up most succinctly with: "How high am I?"

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Basically, if you watched the remake of Cats and thought: "Yes, more of this, but less singing and more snogging," then Sexy Beasts might just be the summer show for you! 

The first six episodes are currently streaming as of July 21, so ready yourself for a fun TV binge. Cheers!  

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