This new 'Love Island' twist is wild—here's *exactly* what it means for the newly single islanders

ITV's producers are doing the MOST with this latest 'Love Island' twist...

Maya Jama reveals the new Love Island twist to Sammy, Jess, Leah and Mitchell at the fire pit/ in a pink template
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Season 10 is proving to be a rollercoaster of drama, as the latest installment saw the islanders slapped with yet another shake-up—but what does this latest Love Island twist mean for the islanders? 

While this series still has a long wait to go before we know whether it can be counted among the best Love Island UK seasons of all time, this latest turn of events definitely wins it a few points.

ICYMI, the islanders were tasked by host Maya Jama—whose Love Island outfit was once again on point—with selecting the two least compatible couples. After revealing the group's votes around the fire pit, Sammy and Jess and Mitchell and Leah were left at risk, but there was quite a surprise in store (if you need to catch up, here's how to watch Love Island UK anywhere)...

What happened with the 'Love Island' twist?

As mentioned, each couple had to vote for the two least compatible couples before standing up at the fire pit to explain and cast their vote—which in itself, lead to a few very awkward clashes.

At the end of the vote, Sammy and Jess and Mitchell and Leah had the most votes, but rather than ending with a dramatic dumping/cliffhanger, Maya revealed that all four of them were now single, and here's the real clincher...

They are now NOT allowed to recouple with each other in the next recoupling. This is a pretty big blow for Jess and Sammy, as up until recently, they were seemingly getting closer, but now—even if they make up—they can't choose each other in the next recoupling. 

Then to add an extra dose of drama (the ITV producers deserve a raise this year!), Maya revealed that two new bombshells, Mal and Montel, were waiting to take them on dates.

Has this 'Love Island' twist happened before?

For any newcomers to the dating show, this type of twist has actually happened before, but not since season four, where loyal Georgia Steel and Sam Bird were allowed to remain in the villa—despite receiving the most votes for 'least compatible'—but had to split up and were not allowed to recouple together.

This does seem to be the first time that two couples have been barred from getting together at the next recoupling though and so early on in the series too. We haven't even had Casa Amor yet!

This, therefore means that we could be in for a very dramatic future recoupling, with four single islanders, plus two news bombshells looking to recouple—two pairs of whom cannot recouple with each other. We'll leave you to do the math on that one...

Who are the two new 'Love Island' bombshells?

So, now we've sussed out what the new Love Island twist means for our 2023 cast, let's meet the new islanders, Love Island's latest bombshells set to join the fold...

Mal Nicol

First up is 25-year-old, Mal Nicol (a fellow Scot like Ella!). She is a picture researcher from Edinburgh who now lives in London and is entering the villa in the hopes of finding a connection—and Jess, Catherine and Molly better look out.

Mal says: "I do actually like Sammy. I think he’s quite funny and his personality is coming out more—there is something about him I fancy.

"I fancy Zach as well, Zach but I wouldn’t go in too strong on him as I feel like he’ll get a bit big for his boots because he’s had a lot of female attention. I think I’d play it cool with him. Scott seems lovely, I think he’s got really nice eyes. But I do usually go for a rugby boy, not a footballer…"

As for whether she'll be the villainous bombshell type, Mal says: "I don’t have a game plan and I have never been one to be smooth with flirting. I know I can’t flirt, I can’t dance and I can’t sing, but I can guarantee I’ll be able to laugh them into my bed."

She's also not worried about the challenges, adding: "I am such an attention seeker, so I will love that. It’s going to feel so euphoric—that’s why I want someone who is playful and fun. Someone who is unapologetically themselves. Life’s too short, no-one cares."

Montel McKenzie

25-year-old Montel, from East London, is also heading into the villa. He's an account manager and semi-pro footballer, who has his eye on Catherine, Leah and Ella.

He says: "Ella for me is generally my type, Catherine carries herself well and seems like a classy girl. Leah seems very chilled and that’s the kind of person I am.”

Montel also isn't bothered about ruffling feathers, quipping, "I’m not really worried about that if I really want the girl. I’m not going to cause a problem over someone I am not interested in. I’ll definitely speak to Ella despite her being coupled up with Tyrique."

As for his bombshell game plan, Montel is taking the chilled route, adding: "I will definitely get on with the guys in there but, at the same time, I need to talk to everyone. I’ll just be the guy that I am—cool and calm." 

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