When is Casa Amor? 'Love Island' 2023's ultimate test is nearly upon us

What week is Casa Amor, the highlight of so many 'Love Island' series'? Let's just say you'll be seeing that flickering, neon sign *very* soon this season...

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While Love Island 2023 is, so far, to quote Whitney, "giving" drama, the Islanders are still yet to face their ultimate test, Casa Amor. But when is Casa Amor happening exactly? We're desperate for the tension of the eventual reunion—so here's what we know about the infamous other villa's return...

This year's Islanders have been super dramatic so far, which means that season 10's Casa Amor is likely set to be legendary—perhaps even more so than Love Island 2022's installment, which was, at the time, dubbed the most dramatic Casa recoupling ever!

For those who don't know, the second villa has been the setting for some of the most memorable Love Island moments ever, and this year promises to be no different. But what week is Casa Amor this series, and are we getting close?

When is Casa Amor?

If previous seasons are anything to go by, yes we're getting very close! Casa Amor usually strikes at the midway point in the eight-week series—so it usually comes in week four, before then concluding in week 5 with the recoupling.

This year, it's likely Casa will return at some point between June 25 and July 2, likely closer to the later date. In fact, we'd wager that the iconic flickering neon sign will either be teased on Friday's (June 30) episode as a cliff-hanger for Sunday's installment, or at the end of Sunday's episode itself (so, July 2), to then be followed by Love Island: Aftersun.

This means that the contestants time in Casa Amor will likely take place (or at least be aired), on the week of 3rd July, with the highly anticipated reunion of the Islanders happening later that week. And we can't *wait*!

Last year's summer series, which started on June 6 (just one day after this year's season) saw Casa kick off on Sunday, July 3, 2022—so right at the end of week 4. And considering their very similar start dates, season 10 will more than likely follow suit—but when we have official confirmation, you'll be the first to know!

Casa Amor

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How long is Casa Amor?

Casa usually lasts for three to five days, before then concluding with a recoupling that sees the Islanders either stick with their original pairing or recouple with one of the new islanders.

The Casa Amor recoupling will also see host, Maya Jama make her return—so prepare yourself for yet another killer Maya Jama Love Island outfit.

What happens in Casa Amor?

For any newbies to Love Island (catch up on some of the best Love Island UK seasons to experience Casa Amor for yourself!), Casa Amor is the infamous second villa, which becomes home to either the boys or the girls (it rotates every season) for half a week, and sees a whole new line-up of Islanders introduced—as well as over in the main villa—in a bid to turn some heads.

So, if the boys head to Casa, a group of new girls will also head in, while a fresh lineup of boys will head into the main villa where the OG girls are—or vice versa. 

The two villas then come together at the end of the week for a mega-recoupling, with often results in some very mad moves (a Love Island phrase you'll need to know ahead of Casa) and heartbreak. OG fans of the show will likely remember some of the most dramatic moments, including Amber Gill's return to see her man Michael Griffiths had recoupled with Joanna Chimonides.

Then, there was Indiyah Polack and Dami Hope's intense showdown, after both chose to recouple following the Casa Amor week. Fans will likely never forget that fateful line between the pair; 'May the best heartbreaker win'...

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Love Island season 9 saw the girls head to Casa, so we reckon it could be the boys' turn to pack their monogrammed suitcases and Love Island water bottles for this season. Only time will tell!

Where is the Casa Amor villa?

Good question! Hilariously, during the winter season (which is filmed in South Africa) the Casa Amor pad was literally just a stone's throw away, so close in fact that the boys back in the main villa could hear the girls cheering!

The summer season however, is filmed in Mallorca. But again, the Casa Amor location is usually very close by—though not close enough to overhear the antics, which will no doubt be a blessing for this year's dramatic bunch...

So, mark your calendars folks, Casa is on the way! But until then, we're going to revisit all our fave Love Island 2033 memes.

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