How to watch 'Love Island USA' season 4

The 'Love Island USA' season 4 drama is underway—here's what you need to know about your new streaming obsession

Love Island USA season 4
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We got a text! Love Island USA season 4 is ready to dominate your streaming schedule. 

While those across the pond are reveling in the drama of Love Island UK, from Jacques leaving and former contestant Adam Collard returning, Americans are craving romantic escapades of their own. 

Now, prayers have been answered, and Love Island fans can expect steamier antics and higher stakes than ever before. If you can't resist odd reality dating shows, allow us to introduce you to your new indulgence.

How to watch 'Love Island USA' season 4:

How to watch 'Love Island USA' season 4 in the US:

Love Island USA returned to Peacock on Tuesday, July 19, with episodes airing nightly at 9pm ET every Tuesday through Sunday until August 30. Streaming subscriptions are available below. 

Currently, Peacock is available to stream within the United States and a handful of US territories, which include American Samoa, Guam, Northern Marian Islands, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

How to watch 'Love Island USA' season 4 outside of the US:

Though the reality-show shenanigans are US-based, you don't have to reside over in America to catch the antics: a VPN will allow you to catch up on all the fun you're looking forward to. 

VPN allows you to change your IP address so you can browse anonymously and change your IP address so that your mobile, computer or laptop thinks it's in another location. We recommend Express VPN, the top-rated service by our colleagues at TechRadar.

Everything to know about 'Love Island USA' season 4:

Ripe with "naughtier games" and "sexier challenges," island contestants will attempt to find their perfect match. But it won't be all peachy keen when it comes time to decide whether it's worth it to stay with said match or opt for another one. Hearts will be broken, and drama ensues. 

What's more is those who love TV shows about gossip and drama can feel like they're staying in the villa without stepping foot on the tropical vacation spot: viewers have the opportunity to vote to push out contestants or give them another shot at romance. Who can refuse such power? 

Host Sarah Hyland will do the honors of keeping it all in check, and we wish her luck on the endeavor. After all, a cash prize of $100,000 is on the line, so things are bound to feel a little chaotic. 

Watch the 'Love Island USA' season 4 trailer:

Meet the 'Love Island USA' season 4 cast:

Everyone's looking for their person, and some appear to have higher standards than others. Who will find love this season? Who will leave the show partnerless? Who will be the first to cry? Time to start taking bets, folks. (C'mon—we know you already have a bracket for The Bachelorette 2022.) 

Meet the singles who are putting it all on the line for their shot at finding their S.O...and, you know, cashing in on the grand prize. Any pairing predictions?

Deb Chubb, 26

Though she claims to come from a strict family and is intent on breaking some rules while at the villa, Deb does want a fella who's loyal to his momma. Careful what you wish for, Deb! This is a tricky one to navigate!

Sereniti Springs, 28

Sereniti is used to dating the bad boys but is keen on finding someone who is family-oriented while at the villa. Will she succeed? Fingers crossed for Sereniti. 

Courtney Boerner, 24

Hey fellas, before you make your way over to Court, do be sure to pop a TicTac: girlfriend is not about bad breath. Her other demands? Being emotionally intelligent. (Some of us think she might've picked the wrong show for that...) 

Sydney Paight, 22

Sydney wants Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome. Get ready to give her your digits, gentlemen, she's open to communication. 

Zeta Morrison, 29

Zeta's one of those hopeless romantics who is looking for a happily ever after. Hopefully, she'll be able to keep up with the games and antics!

Jesse Bray, 26

Jesse appears to have a kind heart and he wants his lady to have one, too. Bonus points if she's willing to hang out with his mom and grandma, the O.G. ladies in his life.

Andy Voyen, 23

Andy's attracted to tall, confident blondes...but we wouldn't be surprised if he ends up with someone completely different.

Timmy Pandolfi, 28

If you're kind and motivated, venture on over Timmy's way: he wants a boss babe but one who is sweet. Get a mani before shaking his hand, though—he prefers clean fingernails. 

Isaiah Campbell, 21

This suave-looking guy wants a woman with good hygiene and claims his back is his best feature—not very specific demands before setting out to find love, but we'll take it.

Felipe Gomes, 32

Want an astrologically in-tune fella? Felipe is fully aware of his Gemini tendencies, which may be hindering his shot at love. We're anxious to see what fate has written in the stars for him. 

We'll see you at the villa, friends! You might want to buckle up. Something tells us things are about to get even messier as the nights go on. 

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