The March full moon will enhance our 'inner power'—especially for these signs

Ready for the March full moon? 2023's lunation offers plenty of positives, according to the pros

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Curious about what's ahead for the March full moon? 2023's lunar phase will give all members of the zodiac something to love.

Not only will we channel our inner strength, but the next full moon on Tuesday, March 7 will offer us opportunities to socialize in a fulfilling way, increase the romance, embark on creative endeavors and yes, even enjoy a pay bump, but don't spend it all in one place. (Check out these financial wellness tips while you're at it.)

According to Nebula's astrologer, Patrick Price, it's one of the favorable astrology events happening this Pisces season.

"There is a lot of positivity to look forward to around the full moon: increased clarity, bold action-taking, attracting money easily and even connecting meaningfully with loved ones," he says. 

On the contrary, Price says we can expect a bit of a shift in our "emotional core" regarding certain areas of our lives. Although it might be uncomfortable, addressing these points will make you stronger. Think of this as an opportunity to make your way onto the proper path! Here's what you need to know about 2023's March full moon.

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Meet the expert: Patrick Price

Patrick is Nebula: Horoscope and Astrology App’s expert specializing in tarot, angel readings and Western astrology. Patrick is a queer man who comes from a gypsy family. Tarot is deeply rooted in his family’s culture. He’s been doing tarot for the past eight years and astrological readings for the last three years. Patrick specializes in coaching through starts and finding purpose in life. You can always connect with him in Nebula.

March full moon 2023: who will be most affected?

Since the full moon on March 7 will take place in Virgo, Price expects those under that star sign to be particularly affected. 

"Usually, Virgo can hold it together even when everything is crumbling around them," he says. "However, over the full moon, they could be forced to confront the possibility of not needing to hold things together anymore."

It'll also be a particularly fortunate time for Capricorn and Aquarius, who will feel an overwhelming sense of positivity.

Everyone, however, will have to take the same steps toward making the most out of the moon. 

"It is essential to prepare by setting an intention of what you wish to experience during the full moon, thinking of things to be grateful for and practicing your gratitude and also finding an awareness of what you want to release back into the universe," Price notes.

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Full moon March 2023 astrology: how each sign will be affected

In Price's monthly astrology gift to readers, here's what he says about how each sign's reactions to the March full moon. Ready to embrace all that's headed your way?


Things might feel a little hectic in the career department, Aries, but there could be welcomed changes in store for you. The key is to embrace it. 

"You are being offered a new power to step into," Price predicts. "It could require a lot of energy, but you will be able to find the space to do it well."


"Treat this as a time to express your feelings for those you hold dear, and express it towards them," Price tells this member of the zodiac. "You should feel a strong sense of inner and outer support and strength."

If you're being called to show your caring and even romantic side, why not explore that opportunity?


You're making a lot of positive strides in the career department, Gemini, but don't kick back and take it for granted. 

"It is essential to remain active in your efforts toward reaching what you desire the most," Price says. 


It's OK to be excited about the future, Cancer, but don't let that excitement take you away from all that's going on right now. 

"It seems that your mind may have been on the future a lot lately, which has brought excitement and anxiety. You cannot control the future, but you can work towards it, but only in the present moment," Price says.


Though things are going your way, Leo, don't turn your back on your home life. 

"You must spread your energies well to receive the most happiness and fulfillment," Price says. "Many of you may have a lot of ambition at the moment, and you will find this is fuelling your passions in life. However, over the full moon, you may find that your home life requires more attention."


"The full moon can be a great time to find clarity, which will be offered to you," Price says. " Expect epiphanies or lightbulb moments when it comes to situations hanging over your head for a while."


Thinking of tackling a new project? Perhaps you'd like to revisit an old side hustle? Price says Libras will be feeling a "real boost in creativity and self-belief," so use that to your advantage!

"It's amazing what you can come up with when you allow yourself," Price says. "This will be a theme throughout your personal and professional lives."


If you've been feeling rather out of sorts, use the full moon as an opportunity to problem-solve and check things off your list. 

"This will clear up your emotional energy so you can receive greater peacefulness and enjoyment in small things," Price says. "Going into the full moon, you may feel like many different aspects of your life are out of alignment. Coming out of the full moon energy, you will feel more balanced and find practical solutions effortlessly."


The best way to keep that healthy glow, well, glowing? Focus on you. Remember, self-care is not selfish, Sagittarius. If you need a day for a facial or want to curl up in the bath with a glass of wine, make it happen!


Spring is starting to peak its way through, and you'll get a burst of sunshine in areas of your life that once felt grey. The social aspect of this transit will particularly pertain to you, Caps. 


You can expect an increase in energy—ah, too bad we all can't have that! With a little extra pep in your step, why not get in touch with nature? A hike or bike ride is welcome.


Financially, you could be looking at a very positive month, Pisces. But don't spend your earnings all in one place—you need to be smart about your finances, and Price says doing so will "build stronger foundations."

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