‘Married at First Sight Australia’ 2022—how to tune in for the final hurrah

Time's running out on 'Married at First Sight Australia.' 2022's two-night reunion finale is on its way

married at first sight Australia 2022
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We're gearing up for our last hurrah on Married at First Sight Australia. 2022's reunion finale is on its way to keep fans on their toes for two nights in a row. 

Like its peers—including the Love Is Blind reunion—the show's couples promise to deliver plenty of drama, and naturally, we're anxiously awaiting for it to unfold. 

Throughout the season, we've experienced quite a few bumps in the road: arguments, cheating allegations, sexual discrepancy and an OnlyFans fiasco, to name just a few. Oh yes, and there were a few sweet moments of romance. 

Now, we're ready to relive everything from the bumpy ninth season. Who is still together and who has decided to move on? The tension! Will you be tuning in?

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'Married at First Sight Australia' 2022: how to watch

Channel 9 runs the current season of Married At First Sight Australia (opens in new tab) on Sundays at 7pm, and Monday through Wednesday at 7:30pm for loyal followers in Australia. 

You can catch the two-part finale starting on Sunday, April 3 at 7pm.( Judging from the teaser below, things are going to be wild.) 

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It's a bit more complicated, much like the dating experiment itself, if you're attempting to access the show from across the globe. But like you, we understand the importance of reality TV and can fill you in on all the nitty-gritty details. 

For those located elsewhere, now might be an opportune time to consider a VPN. VPNs allow you to change your IP address, so no matter where you are located, you can access the streaming services from different countries (providing you've paid separately for any subscriptions needed) to watch your favorite TV shows. We highly recommend ExpressVPN (opens in new tab).

Some of the ExpressVPN perks are as follows: 

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For eager fans in the UK, you can watch the ninth season of MAFS on Channel 4, or their catch-up service All4. You can catch up on all the other seasons on All4 too if you fancy a bit of a binge-watch.

For those across the pond in the US, you'll have to stick to a VPN if you want to access all of the seasons. However, you can currently watch season 6 of Married At First Sight Australia on Lifetime. Lifetime is also home of Married At First Sight season 14 (opens in new tab), which takes place in Boston. You can catch it on Wednesdays at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central. 

‘Married At First Sight Australia’ couples

Drumroll, please! The 2022 couples on Married At First Sight Australia are as follows:

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  • Domenica and Jack
  • Ella and Mitch
  • Holly and Andrew
  • Selin and Anthony 
  • Selina and Cody
  • Tamara and Brent
  • Olivia and Jackson
  • Samantha and Al
  • Carolina and Dion
  • Kate and Matt
  • Jessica and Daniel

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Tamara and Brent gave us little hope thanks to her outlandish remarks and bratty comments at the start of the season. Truly, their nuptials were nothing short of cringeworthy. But it seems things might manage to work out (or so we hope).

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Meanwhile, Selin and Anthony started off as smitten kittens, but...

If you decide to have a look on the Twittersphere, they are undoubtedly the most talked-about couple, and opinions of each run the gamut. 

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Then there's Holly and Andrew—one of the more tumultuous couples of the show who have absolutely nothing in common and have polar-opposite lifestyles goals. There's pretty much a universal agreement that Andrew is, in fact, the worst. 

With so much drama, fans have speculated if the relationship experts who paired these duos together purposely selected poor matches. It kind of seems that way!

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Which of these duos are trying to make it work? Which ones have officially split? Which have decided to move on? The success rate of the show is staggeringly low, but should we hold out hope? 

Good luck to the hopeful and hopeless romantics who attempted to find love in the most bizarre way possible. We salute you. 

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