'Married at First Sight Australia': where are the season 9 couples now?

Here's who ran for the hills and who's living in bliss

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If you haven't caught up with the Married at First Sight Australia love affairs, allow us to fill you in. 

Season nine was filled with plenty of drama to satiate reality TV fans. From tears and cheating scandals, to sexual discrepancy and disappointment, the experimental series proves that it's always best not to opt for an impromptu wedding. 

But despite the challenges—many challenges—some duos got a happy ending. Before you indulge in The Ultimatum, Netflix's latest must-watch, allow us to fill you in with what's happening Down Under now that the cameras have stopped rolling. 

(Psst, do be sure to familiarize yourself with The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On contestantsthey'll be keeping you company for the next couple of weeks.) 

'Married at First Sight Australia' season 9 couples

So, did anyone actually make it out of this odd situation successfully? We'll let you be the judge. 

1. Tamara Djordjevic and Brent Vitiello

Tamara and Brent were a no-go right from the beginning, largely thanks to Tamara's high standards, which she was not afraid to vocalize. 

Though Anthony Bridgerton might've swept Kate Sharma off her feet by referring to her as the "bane of my existence" Tamara's remarks about Brent's "average" persona did not go quite as well. 

Though we saw a bit of improvement, ultimately, the two are not together post filming. However, they remain connected on social media. 

2. Selin Mengu and Anthony Cincotta

Married at First Sight Australia selin and anthony

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Selin and Anthony were smitten kittens on the day of their ceremony, but that all changed, and Anthony claims Selin's patronizing behavior was the culprit, though he made a few mistakes here and there, too. 

Though they looked like a great pair, pictures don't always tell the truth: Selin and Anthony are no longer together. 

3. Samantha Moitzi and Al Perkins

Should you stay friends with an ex after a split? If you ask Samantha and Al, the answer is yes. 

They weren't compatible, though Al definitely wanted them to be, but at the end of the day, the two remain on friendly terms, which is a lot more than most exes can say. 

"We might not have loved, but we definitely did laugh," Samantha wrote on Instagram alongside a picture with Al. 

4. Ella Ding and Mitchell Eynaud

Ella and Mitchell had stars in their eyes on their wedding day, but towards the end of the season, their union became a little rocky. 

"I’m sorry Ella, but right now I just can't give you the commitment I know you want. I know this is not what you want to hear but what I ask from you today is patience, but all I can be is honest and this is how I feel," Mitchell said during the final vows. 

Despite the turbulence, they're attempting to make it work. 

5. Selina Chhaur and Cody Bromley

Believe it or not, these two are blissfully wed. The MAFS success rate is low, but Selina and Cody prove it's on the uptick. 

6. Holly Greenstein and Andrew Davis

Perhaps one of the most unpopular couples this season, Holly and Andrew did not get far at all—and the fact that their lifestyles are completely different is likely the reason why. Plus, Andrew's attempt to get the cast to turn on Holly did not help. Well, Holly is moving on and has a new fella in her life. (Nice knowing ya, Andrew!) 

Andrew and Holly from Married at First Sight Australia season 9

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7. Jessica Seracino and Daniel Holmes

Daniel cheated on Jessica with Carolina Santos, so needless to say, this union did not pan out accordingly.

8. Carolina Santos and Dion Giannarelli

Well, considering Carolina had eyes for Daniel and would have preferred being paired up with him, it's safe to say where this couple ended up. 

9. Domenica Calarco and Jack Millar

These two are making it work! We were unsure whether or not they'd be together after the cameras stopped, but we give them credit for attempting to keep their relationship strong. 

10. Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie

Against all odds, Olivia and Jackson appeared to be truly in love. They're still going strong and even thinking about welcoming little ones into the mix, according to The Daily Mail. 

11. Kate Laidlaw and Matthew Ridley

There was no chemistry right off the bat, and naturally, they both left the show. Honestly, with the lack of chemistry, we'd be surprised if they were attempting to straighten things out.

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