What's going on with Matt and Colleen from 'Love Is Blind' and their living situation?

Matt and Colleen have been together for well over a year now—so are the pair finally living together now?

Matt and Colleen. Matt Bolton, Colleen Reed in season 3 of Love Is Blind
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Matt and Colleen from Love Is Blind proved to eventually be one of the most controversial couples from season 3 of the unconventional dating show.

Netflix gave us a chance to catch up with all of the Love Is Blind season 3 couples one year after they said "I do," in three After the Altar episodes recently—which is where we caught up on the latest with Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed, one of just two couples who actually got married at the end of the series.

In the episodes, it was revealed that Love Is Blind's Matt and Colleen were still not living together—something which left viewers a little surprised, considering they had devoted their lives to one another just 12 months ago. So what is happening with Matt and Colleen now, and are the pair finally living together? This is everything we know about their relationship as of March 2023...

What is happening with Matt and Colleen now?

During the Love Is Blind season 3 reunion back in fall 2022—which looked rather uncomfortable for Colleen, judging from her body language—we learned that the duo had not found a place of their own quite yet despite being husband and wife. Before we dive into what's happened during Love Is Blind: After the Altar season 3, let's backtrack a bit. 

Colleen had a bit of a difficult time in the pods, but proved that the third time was a charm when she matched with Matt. Things seemed to be moving smoothly until they were forced to meet everyone face to face, and she was slightly intrigued by Cole, who was engaged to Zanab. Cole and Colleen had connected in the pods, but ultimately decided against pursuing things with each other. However, that didn't stop Cole from letting Colleen know how attractive he found her!

Despite some tension, a bit of uncertainty and a few arguments though, Matt and Colleen said 'I do' at the altar

However, fans were largely unconvinced by their relationship at the reunion, due to what they perceived to be Colleen's tense body language and her sad facial expressions—as well as the fact that they didn't have plans to move in together.

matt and colleen love is blind season 3 contestants at the reunion

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The couple assured all was well though. "I know it sounds crazy, but it's just doing it in our own time," Colleen explained. "Logistics-wise and money-wise we weren't there. As soon as the wedding was done, the next day we weren't money-wise ready to give up on our leases."

So what is happening now between the couple? Are Colleen and Matt living together, or are their plans for a martial pad still on the back-burner?

An update on Matt and Colleen following 'After the Altar':

Season 3's Love Is Blind: After the Altar (which aired in February 2023) gave us a bit more insight as to what had been happening among the entire gang once cameras stopped rolling (at least temporarily). And Colleen and Matt revealed that they are doing well, despite having experienced some challenges since the show wrapped.

Colleen admitted that their first year of marriage was difficult, but that the two managed to grow together and learn more about one another in the process. "I can't imagine life without him, as much as, like, you annoy me," she joked to her husband while out to eat with her in-laws. 

So what of their living situation now? It seems the couple still live apart, but that they're moving forward on a property together.

During their BBQ lunch, the question about the future popped up, particularly how Matt's mom Becky and stepdad Greg felt about them living separately. "We've had multiple conversations with your parents," Greg confessed. 

Becky chimed in: "None of us agreed at first. None of us understood. We saw two separate lives, so it did raise concerns. But we want you guys to succeed in this."

Despite this odd tidbit and the fact that fellow pod squad members have sensed the couple's bickering, the two are moving forward with finding a place they can call home, revealing that they are indeed house hunting. However, they shared that the style and location of their abode were still up for debate!

Since the After the Altar episodes, there hasn't been too much of an update on Love Is Blind's Colleen and Matt or their house hunt, bar a few Instagram stories from Colleen surrounding her ring.

Fans had been slightly confused, as they noted that the former bride didn't seem to wear her wedding ring when out and about. But she revealed that there's nothing suspicious going on—only that she's after a new engagement ring and a new proposal, it seems!

Colleen explained, "I always wear my [wedding] band but I'm waiting to see him get down on one knee with my own two eyes." She then shared that she's after a "2-3 carat, simple band, solitaire oval" and a "ring that fits/doesn't have a diamond that pops off a day after getting it", seemingly in reference to her original engagement ring. Whoops, Matt!

Here's hoping they can come to an agreement soon and find a house...and the small dog they've been debating!

Catch up on Love Is Blind: After the Altar season 3, now on Netflix.

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