Did Matt and Colleen from 'Love Is Blind' say 'I do' at the altar?

'With Colleen, I don't know what it is, but it's natural and I opened up more to her than anybody in the last 10 years'

matt and colleen love is blind season 3 contestants at the reunion
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We'll be honest, Colleen had a rough start on Love Is Blind season 3

After two back-to-back rejections, the hopeful romantic was losing faith in the pods and whether or not this experiment would lead her towards a husband. But, after feeling intrigued by Matt's "little Matthew McConaughey voice" from the other side of the wall, things seemed to be moving in the right direction for both parties, and flirting was at an all-time high. Although the two hadn't seen each other face to face, they already seemed smitten with their candid and fun conversations, plus their connection was growing stronger.

 "With Colleen, I don't know what it is, but it's natural and I opened up more to her than anybody in the last 10 years," Matt confessed. 

And after the two became engaged, they were even more delighted with one another once they finally got to meet in person. But, are they one of the couples to get married on Love Is Blind season 3?

Matt and Colleen 'Love Is Blind': an update

love is blind season 3 couple matt and colleen

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While in the pods, Matt had revealed that he married his high school sweetheart, someone he had been with for a decade. Ultimately, she betrayed him and ended up having someone else's baby. Trust seemed to be a big factor in Matt's decision—and understandably so—but seemed as though he could put his faith in Colleen. He was opening up again after years of being guarded. 

Shortly after their engagement and honeymoon, they were joined by fellow Love Is Blind season 3 cast members in Malibu for a little alone time—but hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey did stop by to wish the new pairs well. While yes, the women know one another, as do the guys, this was the first time they met other people they connected with in the pods. Awkward!

"Tell you what, I got my eyes on one person and it's her right there," Matt said when the group came face-to-face. Loving the enthusiasm...but it seems Colleen was taken aback with one of the men she came into contact with. 

She might've been slightly intrigued by another gentleman (Cole) and when she let it be known that she enjoyed the male attention, naturally it caused an issue...practically immediately upon their travels. When things return to status quo, will Colleen and Matt remain on good terms?

We have a season full of milestones ahead: meeting families, wedding prep and, of course, getting to know one another—the most basic to-do of them all. Things seem rather daunting when you start a new relationship off with an engagement, but we're curious to see how everyone's going to make it work!

Ultimately, we learn that the two say "I do at the altar" during the season finale. However, once the Love Is Blind season 3 reunion came into question, viewers had their doubts. 

First thing's first, it was a bit odd that the two revealed they're not living together...even though they're man and wife. 

"I know it sounds crazy, but it's just doing it in our own time," Colleen said. "Logistics-wise and money-wise we weren't there. As soon as the wedding was done, the next day we weren't money-wise ready to give up on our leases."

Then there was the cringey body language and the uncomfortable looks that really made people question or not these two are happy (as evidenced in Twitter exchanges below). 

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Here's hoping that was just a few reunion jitters. Anyone else anxious to see what awaits in Love Is Blind season 4?

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